10 thoughts to Survival Gear Depot How Can I Shop At 0:38

  1. Great advice. And the end was bringing us back to Earth. Hope your life takes a big turn for the better this year.

  2. I've come back and watched this video many times over the years now. Rarely have I seen a video that so well defines the differences between "primitive skills," minimal gear, and practicality. And to think you did this while hanging out in the woods. Personally I'm also surprised that this video doesn't have more views.
    Glad I stopped by again as I see you wrote a few books. Very nice! I'm looking forward to starting the first one tonight.

  3. Great discussion! Great points… especially about not depending on primitive skills in a survival situation. Thumbs up to you on this video!

  4. time for a portable solar panel and guide 10 battery charger. cheap and it takes care of battery charging needs

  5. i used que tip heads in petroleum jelly in a pill fob which is water tight has a o-ring.

  6. Dave I have regarded your teachings well before the show Alone you where in bushcraft USA and utbing video's and I will continue to listen to your teaching and gear choices because you are very knowledgeable and you have tried these things out yourself and they make sense lol. Hope you and the family are doing well.

  7. Não falo e não entendo o que você está falando eu fico prestando atenção assim mesmo eu gosto mesmo assim do seu canal gosto quando vc apresenta sua faca pequena para fazer pequeno serviço .
    Gostaria de poder ter uma mas para mim não dá minha aposentadoria e pouco .
    Fique com Deus.
    Deus te abençoe muito.