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  1. I bought one of these at a pawn shop for 15 bucks. The swedge on mine looks professionally sharpened, it's really cool. Great knife and pretty light for being as tough as it is

  2. I really enjoyed this video, and I appreciate your background and experience as a SERE instructor. I have to small points to make: You mentioned it not feathersticking well due to the thickness of the blade. I don't think that's the case at all; you can see videos of a Fallkniven A1 Pro, with a blade nearly twice as thick as this knife, feathersticking like a dream. The sharpness and edge profile are what determine how well it will featherstick, not the thickness of the blade. Secondly, I think that for a military style, dump in your go bag and forget about it, the Ontario Mk3 Navy knife would be an even better choice. It maintains and edge longer and has the benefit of stainless steel, as well as parkerization for rust prevention, at only a little more expense. That said, I've had my USAF knife since I was a kid, probably about 35+ years, and with almost no maintenance, it has never rusted. Thanks again for your review.

  3. Thanks JJ…now I know what this old CAMILLUS NY..
    knife really is..btw whats with the old…glow in the dark paint on the pommel?

  4. You are the only person that cuts shavings like me that I have seen. Holding the stick with your belly and using 2 hands to push with

  5. Hello my Outdoors friend, thank you for sharing this fine review. I just purchased the Air force survival knife. I'm looking forward to test it out next week on a trip to the Northern Sierras. All the best to you. You 🤗

  6. I love my two USAF survival knives. One is made by Camillus. The other is made by OKC. The Camillus knife was issued to me when I was in the USAF Civil Engineers in 1991. They are a good all-round knife. It simply gets the job done. Great review. 👍

  7. I had one in the 80s but it got stolen. It was my very 1st survival knife. I baught another one today to add to my collection. I was told from an old man that everyone thinks the back is a wood saw But actually it's a fish scaler. Anyway thanks for posting and great review and hello from Kentucky land between the lakes.

  8. Isn't it cool to know there's so many people into survival skills now. I'm 53 and I got into knives guns and survival skills back in the early 80s when it wasn't so popular.