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  1. This crossbow is a fake Excalibur! It tries to do all that the Excalibur’s been doing for over 30 yrs and they’re pretending like they were the ones innovative enough to create this bow? The 2020 Axe from Excalibur is only $699 and it shoots 340FPS, smaller, more compact, and you can uncock the bow with their regular rope cocker. This feature is nothing new and the kodabow’s limbs are so wide that it doesn’t make any sense to have since Excalibur’s are better bows. I would much rather trust an Excalibur instead of a Kodabow. This is NOT a SHTF kind of bow. They didn’t even show you how to change the strings. It seems like you need more than 2 items before you can change the strings/cables. The only thing you’ll need with an Excalibur is a string and a string changer- 2 devices. The bow is far too wide. Get an Excalibur and you’ll be set. Get a brand new Axe 340 that shoots 340FPS for $599 or $699 depending on your color selection. Otherwise, keep your money for an Excalibur with a lifetime warranty. Kodabow is nothing compared to Excalibur bows.

  2. When it is upper class white man, . in the U S A, . this bow can not be reasonable, price, as the same bow made in China, . ? So is it $180.00 ? Watch Oral Roberts, . and pray for a American miracle, . as his sales speech, . means this bow is expensive.

  3. Kodabow copped Excalibur and at first glance and not knowing about crossbow’s I would assume that it is it’s a compound bow because it’s got split limbs. I doubt kodabow has anything to measure up to my Excalibur Bulldog 440.

  4. Why would you buy this bow when you can buy an Excalibur Micro 360TD for about $1,0000 shipped? The bow would be smaller, more accurate, durable and more user friendly. It shoots 360FPS and it can be taken down to fit into a backpack, it comes with the silent crank, and it shoots faster than any of their bows. I have the Bulldog 440 and I chronoed it at 450FPS however it’s not a take down bow but it shoots 450FPS. No kodabow can do that. I can do everything this guy mentioned with my Excalibur but my bow almost shoots 100fps faster than the one that he’s demoing. I would say that my Bulldog is smaller than his kodabow Limb wise and it’s the largest of all the Excalibur’s. If you’re going to spend $1000+ or around $1000 then you’re better off investing in an Excalibur not some ugly looking kodabow.