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DIY free fire starters dryer lint egg carton candle wax homemade cheap easy prepping gear how to start a fire wood stove emergency survival fire place fire pit camp fire
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper it’s always a great idea to be working on your prepping
learning new skills gathering new emergency supplies learning how to do things for
yourself for survival today I’m going to show you a very easy way to make a DIY fire starter Bug Out Bag emergencies camp fires wood stove fire place fire pit
from things you have around the house
already to make free cheap easy fire starters all you need is some dryer lint
an empty egg carton and the end of a
candle pull apart your dryer lint and
add a little wad into each cup of your
egg carton
now take your candle and and place it in
an empty can you want to put it in a
pot over some boiling water to melt the wax and heat it on the stove never cook the wax directly
in your pot because you’ll never be able
to get the wax all out use an empty clean can so
you could pour the melted wax out and then discard the can when you’re done making your fire starters
once the candle wax melts it’s ready to
be poured over your dryer lint remember
melted wax is very hot so use some tongs or something to hold it pour candle wax
over the dryer lint in the egg carton
section allow the DIY fire starters to cool cut the egg carton sections apart
free fire starters and they’re ready to use in your fireplace your fire pit camp fire wood stove emergencies Bug Out Bag anywhere you
need to start a fire you can see they’re
simple to light and they burn a long
long time it’s remarkable how long a DIY
firestarter made from dryer lint egg
carton and candle wax can actually burn
you can see this one DIY fire starter is burning and burning in my fire pit and it continued
to burn for nearly 20 minutes try making
some DIY fire starters for your
emergency gear or home fire starting needs if you liked my video I
hope you’ll share it with someone you
think would enjoy it you can learn more
prepping skills and other topics at my
website and I hope you’ll subscribe to my alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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7 thoughts to Survival Gear Discount Coupons Here At 7:42

  1. Thanks A.G. I have the egg cartons ready to go. Thanks for bringing this topic up again. I hope you don't mind if I use cotton-wool in the cartons.
    Metho spirits soaked cotton wool /egg carton, PVC PIPE CEMENT added to cotton wool in egg carton, ISOCOL (Rubbing alcohol) impregnated cotton wool in egg carton. OR, stand alone, Potassium Permanganate (CONDIES CRYSTALS) Tea spoon full where you want to start your campfire with several drops of GLYCERINE (from your Supermarket) shelf) sprinkled onto it. Wait 60 seconds & it will Spontaneously ignite. DANGER KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN & PYROMANIACS.

  2. The use of lent collected to start fires is a great technique and I have been saving the lent out of the dryer to start fires in a camping environment. I didn't know about using wax with the lent, but that sounds nice to do at home or away from home.

  3. 20min! Wow! Thanks for sharing. I will incorporate this method into the strategy. All the Best!

  4. I will so use this btw do u mind if I use this in a video for my channel too this is a great way to make fire and I give you FULL credit for this of course