5 thoughts to Survival Gear Diy Buy Direct Here At 6:40

  1. i just bought a light just like that from amazon for 15 bucks…not quite as good of a flashlight,no adjustments or useless strobe but it has a built in stun gun so way more tactical id say

  2. This could be a "good" or "great" light- yet the "proof" is in the warranty- or in this case- the absence of a warranty. It costs money to warrant a product- or to accept returns with free shipping back to the seller. If the seller does not do either- stay away; no one needs another brick.
    Too many flashlights that I have purchased in the last decade fail incredibly fast- they are made in China and look great; yet the LED fails in a short period of time, there is also some kind of consistent failure for multiple other inexplicable reasons which may universally come down to either quality control- or poor materials.
    There is no: 1.) warranty 2.) return policy. It is absolutely imperative that these Chinese built flashlights have both- given the incredibly consistent failure rate. I have dozens of Chinese built flashlights that do not work- that have failed within days or weeks. I do not get what the problem is yet perhaps quality built LED's cost a whole heck of a lot more to build than most people would suspect and the manufacturer's are building them with inexpensive/poor raw materials- or the LED's require a labor intensive or quality assurance that allows many to be built that should be thrown away similarly to the the beginning of the computer chip industry when the gold filament could be broken somewhere in the chip- yet mostly works. These chips were expensive to build- yet would only fail under certain circumstances further down the road yet these LED's are vastly worse.
    Whatever this flashlight costs e.g. $8.00- with a coupon: the chance that it will last is virtually nil.

  3. I just bought one of these for my Son to use.For 7.99 you get the Flashlight,battery,house charger and car charger.A pretty decent deal IMO.I think I'll get another for myself,as they are still available.