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  1. I ran a similar belt in both Iraq and Afg, with mission configs considering what we would be doing. I had to have suspenders as I never got comfy with the weight bearing on my hips. I ended up ditching the whole belt in 2009 -2013 just used my ummm fanny pack from maxpedition with pistol, mags and could keep essentials inside like lights, headlamps, spare batts, multi tool, motrin, paperwork and all the other things I couldn't seem to leave in the FOB. it worked out well for me but I took a lot of crap about it. I kept the plate carrier with 8 mags. IFAK and my rolled dump pouch which I used a lot! and rigged my ESEE3 to the harness.
    I just reconfiged my octi pack into a battle belt with a harness im still mucking about with it since I don't see a need to wear a carrier here CONUS yet.

  2. Thumbs up on the vid – what I would do differently – I would get rid of that big knife – it's heavy takes up space on the belt where you could put something you're more likely to need or use. Just my opinion but if it's a battle belt the survival knife doesn't belong. You might consider putting a small pouch there that would hold both the flashlight and a handy folding multi-tool and I'm only guessing but I think you would shed close to 20oz weight give or take by doing this. I'm just beginning to set up a battle belt so I'm looking for ideas…thanks for sharing.

  3. i use 200 rd saw pouches on my alice belt, it holds 5 full magazines and saves space on belt.

  4. I like to keep my 11 to 1 o'clock clear so I can get closer to the ground. I also found some (believe it or not) red athletic tap with black tiger stripes to mark my IFAK.

  5. Great video ! The most important item on my Survival Belt is the Dump Pouch so the zombies do not follow ! And have the Leatherman MUT EOD and may add the EOD Kit, Leatherman Raptor, the SOG Seal Strike (light weight and light duty survival knife that matches great with the lightweight Titanium Stove from Utah), TQ/Tourniquet and soon the Maxpedition Trauma Kit. tjl PS Must find a Water Bottle Pouch soon.

  6. Hey JJ, just looking through some of the older stuff and ran across this. I also carry two sets of hinged cuffs, and I keep 10 of the zip cuffs stuffed into the outer belt (5 each side) that are not pre zipped for quick access if needed. Expandable baton is a good item if they are legal in your state. I have been trying to keep the front of the plate carrier slick as much as possible, tired of laying on those mags when it's eat dirt time. lol