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  1. I came here to see you turn it on. You spent the whole time with it off. Arrrrrrrgggh

  2. I've had all kinds of expensive flashlights over 20 years in one uniform or another and their runtime sucks. Some of the longest running ones although not close to 100 lumens when you want a flashlight to keep in pocket, in the car or that'll last a week+ camping are the cheapest such as the one you're showing or other energizer/eveready flashlights. Actually found a set of energizer flashlights at target that run off AA and AAA batteries that are pretty impressive for cheap lights. I keep meaning to go get more. They are LED, blue/black color and can go from flood to spotlight.

  3. Are you running an alkaline battery? The listings I've seen show 25lm for 65 hrs using the Included heavy duty battery not 32 days.
    I picked up the Rayovac 10 led going 85lm for 45hrs, you may want to recheck the numbers.

  4. that's crazy I have the slightly smaller one that runs on 2 or 4 1.5v D 🔋 s and it's rated for 80 hours of rub time, 50 lumens and 100 meters shine. which is still my camping choice, especially being floating and water proof or at least resistant.

  5. i reckon the eveready 6v l.e.d (even incandescent design prior to l.e.d) is the best value for money flashlight ever made!…on par with the beautifully designed bic lighter

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