11 thoughts to Survival Gear Dollar Store Where Can I Buy Online At 14:39

  1. Cool video review!…
    Just one question, and please correct me if I'm wrong. I always thought keeping the flashlight on the charging dock continuously will shorten the life of the battery or damage the unit, that's why I always remove it once is full charged.

  2. Mine worked great for 3 months, now its dim and flickers, change the battery and checked the voltage, any ideas?

  3. Thank you for the excellent review! Would you recommend this light for protection as to temporarily blind a would be attacker? Thanks for your input and expertise! 🙂

  4. The reason I bought an s30r2 is because of this video. Also Olight has an excellent customer support. My flashlight broke after a year of use. And they had it replaced. Excellent flashlight! Thank you for the excellent video!

  5. Mine stopped working after 1 year, so I have sent it in to olite. It has been a week and no word. I was hoping they would just send me a new one, but I guess they need to see it for themselves. The battery no longer makes contact. My light was in like new condition, so how it broke is a wonder to me. If your light breaks in the warranty period, then send it in for repair. These things are expensive and I expect them to last.