11 thoughts to Survival Gear Dropship Wholesalers Buy At Best Price At 18:44

  1. How many flashlights does sootch00 have lol? Seems like every edc bag/bug out bag video there’s a different light.

  2. Love your videos, appreciate the information. Developing an edc bag now. I’m nurse practitioner and thinking about a basic medical kit. An old school oral thermometer might be a good idea with our current events. What do you think?

  3. Personally I don't feel the need for a bible or weapon but otherwise great choices. Although I might go with a poncho rather than a garbage bag but I can see where there the garbage bag has valid uses. Anyway, thx for making the video.

  4. unless your shooting an animal you dont need more that five rounds im not saying get rid of guns at all i would carry one but honestly if a mag makes the gun alot bigger i dont need it