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  1. I hope you didn't buy her a sewing machine! LOL just kidding of course you really have a keeper there and nice blades too!

  2. Thanks for checking them out bud! I didn't buy a sewing machine… I would probably use more though! Thanks for the comments, John.

  3. Ya, I hope this one does well. I have other brands that i have used for a long time without problems. I will find out soon i hope! Thank you for your comments, John.

  4. I have both of those. I had a problem with that machette. The blade edge was really really thin. The first time I used it on some small branches it looked like I was trying to chop metal pipe. Dented the shit out of. Had to grind it out and resharpen with my work sharp knife and tool sharpener. All good now. Just a heads up,

  5. I had the exact same 1 quick warning,my brother was chopping some bamboo with this and it broke at the handle,flying right into his leg