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  1. I enjoy your videos. I have purchased a few of the Stanley cook sets based on your reviews. When it comes to the stove building You should take the time to build a few jigs to obtain square cuts.If you are going to roll the edge of the outer can this becomes even more critical.As for fuel the absolute best would be a blend of around 50/50 of methanol and ethanol. The SLX denatured is unregulated an can contain up to 20% MEK and other toxic chemicals.The Klean Strip Green contains 96% or more methanol.Same mfg just their green line. The good fuel is called Green Envy made by Sunnyside and can be ordered online. It is a 50/50 blend.That blend gives the burn time of one and the BTU of ethanol.Isopropyl should be rubbed on sore muscles but only cooked with when nothing else is available. 48 ounces of heet is $5.87 at Walmart Just helpful hints I hope.

  2. Love the camping heat source
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  3. very good video well explained on how to reload 223 bullets will make me want to start making my 223 bullets, because you don't make one of 9mm bullets.thanks

  4. …and I thought Mohammed Ali (boxer) was a dangerous man…you got him beat hands down…OK…enough with low blows (ha ha ha)…first your measurements are a little to be desired…your inside part should be at least 1/4 of an inch shorter than the outer cavity…a vise works better than a clamp…or use a car jack for that matter…I use a band saw to cut mine or tin snips and also use wood blocks at both ends to keep from bending your can like I did…yes I maimed the first can I did…LOL…you need to show how you stretched the bottom of the can (with the little hole in it) you used to roll the top over…oh…and the hole is useful for one other purpose…after you have squeezed your cans together and you can't separate them…blow air into that little hole with your air nozzle…be careful…it pops right off…and you have more guts than I…you made this video…I've made many and different kinds of stoves…but never a video…thank you for your time and effort…keep up the good work…!!!

  5. You had me worried when your finger was in line with the blade on your first cut. Thanks for the video.