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  1. why does it matter about the serial# can u get personal information from the gun like the buyers card number and stuff of that nature?

  2. I know the 922r regulations and compliance issue have been beat to death on most threads but I have a new thought. Since the M2 is imported with the pistol grip stock but with a 2 round extension tube (5 round total magazine) it must still qualify as a "sporting shotgun". That said one should be able to add the one piece pistol grip stock to any M2 as long as you do not add a extension tube greater then 2 rounds (5 total in the magazine is the magic number). An extension tube grater then 5 rounds makes the shotgun 922r noncompliant a violation of federal law unless the ATF approved import parts list is changed to 10 by adding US made parts. Any thoughts anyone.

  3. I've seen them extended up to 9+1, so it's definitely doable. In fact there are some videos on youtube with guys who have those sorts of extensions. Unfortunately in Canada the most you can have is 5 in a semi-automatic.

  4. Great guns. I can fit 10+1 in my M2 SP with a Nordic tube that remains flush with the end of the Barrel. I picked up the Tactical first but for my use the SP was the better gun. I also liked the sights but ultimately they put me off, shotguns should be pointed for most work rather than aimed. That said the SP comes with a small folding iron sight on the rib for slug use that gives an acceptable sight picture for the limited use it gets.

    We have no use for defence in the UK but mine is mainly used for Practical Shotgun and as a second clay gun. It excels at both, being far more capable than myself and was worth every penny.

  5. Yes you can hunt with an AR15, you may not but I have dozens of times. Don't broadcast if you don't know.