15 thoughts to Survival Gear Dropshipper Where Can One Purchase At 9:39

  1. good advice👍 the more you know the less you need is defo the way to go,the only thing that made me raise an eyebrow was just cutting a face hole in your bag,I straight away imagined some big arse bear or some other predator coming out of nowhere you would look like a big blue hotdog Lol…and trying to run would seal your fate Lol..other than that spot on ,just got to figure out a compromise on your bag situation,maybe two holes for your arms with a simple half bag over your head that acts as a poncho come cape type additition, nice and simple ,and for 2 minutes extra work it would keep you dry,and leave you the use of your limbs ,should you need Em😉..

  2. I think those trash bags are for commercial yard waste carts. They have them on Amazon. They are 90-100 gallon bags.

  3. A firearm in daily used, is a
    rotten thing. If using to defending,
    are a ticket to a electic chair.

  4. A BOT is $99 plus. No thanks. Also, I'll never go anywhere cool or cold without a scarf of somekind (cashmere preferably). Incredibly useful, even as a hat, and many times you can go without a jacket just by having a scarf.

  5. Very good video. You would make a fantastic instructor. I've watched several of your videos and am looking forward to seeing more. I Liv near Lewiston. Are you anywhere near there

  6. One of the best survival kit´s video i´ve seen. Practical and real tips. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You won’t catch me bad mouthin’ a garbage bag, they kept me close to comfortable up at the mountains more than once..

  8. Thank you thank you thank you, for not wasting 30 minutes of my time telling me all about name brands and descpitions on crap ya dont need. they would be handy yes, but at what cost and weight???? Who really needs 3 knives, 3 flashlights, and don't forget 6 mountain house meals,etc….. I think a person who loses his gear, but has two backups is screwed before they leave the house. most people are too dependant on the gizmo's. knowledge and 10 items at most, is all a person needs. TP being one of the 10. hahaha. Great video, look forward to more!!