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  1. An ideal weapon would be a shotgun/rifle, but if you live in a country where that isn't practical then yes a machete is ok.

  2. A self cocking pistol crossbow would be better as its alot faster to load and easier to control around your home. Its only 80lb power but up close thats enough and there only £30 on blades and bows. I would say a head light would be better leaving you hands free. In a non SHTF situation i would go for the long bulky maglite aproach bright light to the eyes catch them off guard and then bash them in the head its more resonable force and will save alot of jail time. Hope this helps. Thank you for bringing up this topic its normally americans showing off there artillary rubbing it in the bastards.

  3. i must say, if i lived in a country that wasnt very gun friendly.
    this would be my load out
    horton vision 175, or a 65LB bow and arrow
    throwing knives for a side arm
    and a ka bar full size for CQB

    just a thought

  4. Are spears legal to own in England? Or even a board with a nail in it? I would suggest either of those. Properly trained a spear can make short work of intruders.