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all right so we are out here with
Randall “Rawhide” Wurst from worst case
scenario survival school out here at
rock castle shooting center and Randy I
go over you go out on the internet
there’s a thousand videos on how to rub
two sticks together and start a fire and
people bash this kind of fire starter
this kinds better oh I’ve got to buy
this you just preach three always have
three types yeah and one thing I gained
from you that you just don’t see
anywhere else is how important just
having a simple candle with you is
Randy: absolutely
Karl: take me through first let’s talk about
your candle and then take me through
building a fire Randy: okay I’m going to use
this method here because a fire needs
three things needs oxygen fuel and then
it needs Heat we’re going to supply all
that but how I make sure you get the
proper proportions that’s how I build my
fire so, the devil’s in the
now what I need to do is we’re going to
start it with this small little candle
now I have to protect the wick right
yeah but I have to make sure that’s why
I cut the shim that when I put this in
and i layer my wood across the initial
part that the flame is going to touch
the bottom of the wood so I make a
shim so that I can put it in and pull it
out and I check the height of it Karl: and we
made this just from splitting it with
your knife and a stick Randy: yeah
everything is done by the tools that I
have so the other thing is the people
don’t do is take the time to get the
proper size material to start the fire
with so what we need is very small you
can see the size of this you need these
small twigs to go across here because
we’ve got a surprise for everybody
because anybody can light a fire when
it’s dry that the technique is lighting
it when it’s wet Karl: while he’s
building this every spring
they find bodies up north where hunters
have gone out or hikers and that they
end up dying and in the winter when the
snow melts that they find them huddled
around matches bic lighters and big
piles of firewood and you can have
all the most expensive little fire
starting tools but if you don’t have the
knowledge to use it
there’s just no way you can learn as you
go in a really terrible situation my
time you get hypothermic and you make
the decision oh I’m lost I need to start
looking for shelter and Fire by then
it’s too late to be trying to teach
yourself how to use the sexy kit you
bought at the mall right so it’s not
just going off of hey this guy
recommends I have to have this fine if
you want to spend your money on that
fine spend the same amount of time and
money learning how to use it Randy: all right
so I’m prepped for it Karl: all right and all
we’re going to do is you’re going to
light it with the lighter that you made
out of old mint can and some some of
your wife’s old candles. I know Randy,
well the wind is bad here it’s a little
chilly outside um I don’t know how
you’re getting by without a heavy jacket
things are a little bit moist but how
about if we had like the worst-case
scenario how about if it was like a
total downpour water right now would
this still work? Randy: yeah I’m going to put it
to the test if you don’t mind Randy: you can
even pour it on my candle because that’s
the advantage of my candle it doesn’t
all right so define total downpour Randy: pour
it all in there Karl: all of it? Randy: yeah it won’t
make any difference Karl: we soak this stuff
in real good
oh no I’m out in the woods and it’s
raining boo-hoo-hoo I’m feeling sorry
for myself I can’t find my pickup truck
boo hoo hoo I’m just gonna suck my thumb alright.
we do have to protect our flame no
matter what we’re using so I’m just
letting some of the water drip off but
if it were actually raining hard
everything’s going to be wet simple
thing is to take my hat off and put over
the top and now if I had a rain jacket I
could put over so I’m just going to let
some of the water run off okay what is
an important part on this not only to
have to protect my flame but it has to
be once he puts it in there Karl: I’m just
sliding it in there
underneath Randy: the flame has to touch those
little small pieces of wood that I
initially start in it so he’s got to
watch that and keep it from hitting
going out Karl: yeah that looks right you want
check it? Randy: well i trust you man.
okay the flame’s going Karl: that water’s still just
it is it’s dripping this is this is wet
stuff here and to keep more rain off of
it I literally could just lean over top
of her like it said put my hat on Randy: yep
yeah I put yeah there we go
I’ve put my hat on one side because the
wind’s coming in I can see it moving the
candle doesn’t matter what method you
have you have to protect that flame and
that’s crucial I don’t care what method
you use so if you’re not protecting it
Karl: you’re more of a log-cabin guy I’m
more of a teepee guy Randy: yeah it’s just a
different technique I’m I’m not going to
criticize any of the other ones I use
what works for me
Karl: If you catch my hat on fire
my wife’s not going to be happy
Randy: yeah we’ll hopefully we get that up off there before they’re still so going you
put a lot of water on that sucker’s
pretty well wet but she’s working on it
pretty soon she’ll start smoking more Karl: you can
see how damp the soil is we have two
days of solid rain but two days ago
so I mean the ground is it’s solid mud
already a lot of this road really was
wet and has been soaking for two days
Randy: yeah it’ll work it’s just your
preheating preheating preheating drying
the wood out that’s what first has to
happen as soon as it gets to a point
where it’s dried out enough it will
burst into flame because we have a
constant heat to my candles still
burning there’s there’s not now we have
to be careful we’re not getting a
blown-out Karl: you sure you don’t want me to
sprinkle like some gunpowder and stuff
..little lighter fluid litter bit of oil, some of your oil?
No, that’s what the we can laugh but that’s
what it’s for I mean if I
need to get the fire going there’s no
cheating in survival okay
Karl: we’re getting smoke already
Randy: I’ll use what I
got to do to get the fire going
Karl: Randy you have got a fire lit
Randy: I have not had
this filming and I’m from Wyoming well
we had sub-zero temperatures in the wind If you don’t believe me Karl you
can ask my horse Bucky because he’s
been there
there we go we’re up to the third layer
as soon as that catches a little bit
more I’ll have you pull the candle up
but I need that third layer to go and
then I know I got it I have to keep the
constant heat on there and we have the
accessible fire going the only reason
I’m pulling the candle out now I’m
keeping a continuous heat there are five
layers on this once it gets to my third
layer I’m going to have Carl pull the
candle out and we’ll blow it out the wick has to
continually dry the wood out so that it
can be ignited the other key factor is
its constant heat and that I gave it to
proper size fuel and I gave it the
proper size oxygen that’s why I use the
Lincoln Log method there you go
completely soaked wood wouldn’t be any
different if it were raining cats and
dogs on us and what you just poured on it
I have not had this method fail
Karl: Alright that’s fire building with a homemade
candle with Randel “Rawhide” Wurst out
here at worst-case scenario you’re
interested in picking more bits of
priceless information out of this man’s
melon learning all the great skills that
he has to offer you can reach out to him
either through me personally or if you
go to the Rockcastle shooting center web
site you can they’ll get messages out to
Randy and you can get out here and
partake in one of his worst case
scenario survival courses

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  1. I used to achieve fire with a lint/ wax knob. One the size of a tennis ball will start a full size log. It'll burn for a few hours and it's fireproof… dryer lint and wax. Also on your fire between the kindling and the logs layer bark to keep rain off the tinder… tried and true guys!!