5 thoughts to Survival Gear Duluth 55803 Buy Cheap Online At 10:38

  1. Looks like a great EDC product. If they can keep the pricing competitive, I I think they will have a winner.

  2. Is there a site where they sell the prototype knife? If anyone knows please comment the url.

  3. Difficult to be helpful without knowing the finished dimensions and features. Slim can be good for edc and bad for ergonomic comfort. Personally I do not like serrated blades at all. I do not like coatings on my blades.
    I do like overbuilt locks. I do like a very grippy handle especially if it is thin. My suggestion is 3.5" to 4" knife blade, plain edge, no coating, excellent grippy handle.

  4. I want this knife is the non-serrated and in color blue but they want like forty bucks for it and that's a bit much for me on a folder, thinking schf 9 is the knife I want for that price range. up in the air on this one. Thx for the video, I think I've seen almost every video you've ever made on knives and flashlights anyway. I like the old one from three years ago on the swiss army knife where you were a mountain man with the long beard and mustache and longer hair. LOL "ya old hippie, you!"