10 thoughts to Survival Gear Duluth 55803 Where Can I Purchase At 13:40

  1. Good tips! Of course we like ya better than Rhino…. Nobody likes that ugly mug 😉

  2. @Wayne 
    You can view the arc blast pricing on the zpacks.com website, and the Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus at mountainlaureldesigns.com. But…..those are full retail prices. I buy almost ALL of my gear used on Backpackinglight.com's Gear swap, including those two packs. The swap is great b/c you can buy equipment, try it out, and sell it back on the swap for what you paid (as long as you got a good enough deal) if you don't like it.

  3. What is a "ditty bag"? I hear this term thrown around a lot, but I haven't heard anyone elaborate on what exactly it is, and it's function(s). Thanks.

  4. Very smart using that sleep pad as an internal frame, you have really thought out your setup.  I think I will ditch all the bags, covers, etc from my gear since it is in my main pack anyways, good way to cut out some weight.