10 thoughts to Survival Gear Duluth 55803 Where Can I Purchase At 13:40

  1. Good tips! Of course we like ya better than Rhino…. Nobody likes that ugly mug 😉

  2. @Wayne
    You can view the arc blast pricing on the zpacks.com website, and the Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus at mountainlaureldesigns.com. But…..those are full retail prices. I buy almost ALL of my gear used on Backpackinglight.com's Gear swap, including those two packs. The swap is great b/c you can buy equipment, try it out, and sell it back on the swap for what you paid (as long as you got a good enough deal) if you don't like it.

  3. What is a "ditty bag"? I hear this term thrown around a lot, but I haven't heard anyone elaborate on what exactly it is, and it's function(s). Thanks.

  4. Very smart using that sleep pad as an internal frame, you have really thought out your setup. I think I will ditch all the bags, covers, etc from my gear since it is in my main pack anyways, good way to cut out some weight.

  5. Very nice system, 10 lbs nice weight for what you have. Thanks for sharing.