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  1. I have this pack and I really like it!!! The 2qt. canteen where you able to use 2 of the pals webbing straps to secure it with the alice clips? I couldn't tell from the angle!!

  2. Dear SurvivalistBoards,
    I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase a Maxpedition backpack, but I'm torn between the Falcon II and Condor II. In your opinion which is a better backpack? The Falcon has 1520 cubic inches of space while the Condor has 1920. This is more a matter of space issue because according to him 1520 won't be as comfortable as fitting items in as a larger pack.
    Thanks, Mike

  3. @urkingod when I was 5 years old going to kindergarten in Seattle WA they made us all have an earthquake/ bug out bag. it really depends on the person and what they feel they need. Now that I'm 21 I keep 2 bags prepped at all times to serve dual prepossess, the first is my day/overnight pack.. it's got everything I need if I want to go for a day hike or combined with me EDC, everything I need to either bug out or just go meet a friend out of town/state. I use all my high end gear daily 🙂