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  1. Shoud wrap that lighter in duct tape- keeps it from slipping out of the pocket & has lots of uses. To list some of them instead of just referencing them: Substitute for stitches, put over areas that are getting raw to keep blisters from forming (like on unexpected long walks), patch up clothes/bags/tarps (putting the tape on the INSIDE of the clothes would look better & be less conspicuous), get boxes/bags/wrappers reclosed (everything from construction work to lunch uses there), wrap handles that are splintering or putting a handle on something, covering a blade edge or making a sheath (depends how much you have), tinder, rolled up in a stick to make a candle, rolled up width-wise to make rope, waterproofing a cardboard box (depends how much you have), making bowls for water (and doing the same thing larger seems to be able to make a boat), and getting hair off clothes & furniture (depends how strong the glue is, might screw up the fabric).