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  1. Hey Dale and Lisa, thanks for the very informative video! Lisa, I was curious if you would see a use for blood clotting agents if the patient is on prescribed blood thinners such as Heparin, or Warfarin (Coumadin)? I think it would be difficult to stop arterial bleeding in such a case. Do you have any recommendations for this type of a scenario?

  2. I am an EMT- I and a former US Marine. I Whole-heartedly believe in Quickclot. In Crisis events such as Multiple Vehicle Collisions or Shootings where there are numerous people injured, being able to control the bleeding more quickly might not only save the life of the patient I am working but also the other victims that may need attention . There are a hundred things I need to do. I need to control breathing , Monitor vitals, start IVs , gets drugs on board and I may even have to be dealing with CPR. If I can better control bleeding quickly and more efficiently that is a HUGE bonus. Also there are wounds were neither pressure nor tourniquet are effective and where packing in quick clot bandages is a great option . In my experience the technology definitely has a place in a Pre-Hospital setting where the goal is to stabilize and get the patient to final care. I am not a fan of the powder and quick clot is not fore minor to moderate injuries but rather for moments where someone is losing volumes of blood and conventional methods are not effective or applicable. My two cents . Great Vid.

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    Really enjoy your conversations……
    you are a great duo!!!!
    I appreciate the information both of you share.

  4. SUPER video!!! I'm in the process of updating our 1st aid kits and setting up ones for our kids and this video was super in that it not only demonstrated several accidents, but also the materials/methods to treat them. Made lots of notes and want you BOTH to know you did an excellent job! Thanks sooo much for sharing your experience and expertise with newbies!!! Thanks sooo much once again!

  5. I have only seen a half dozen of your videos but this has been the most confident I have seen Lisa be. She is very smart and has a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for the info. Having said that, the most important thing was said by Dale, "Get training. Go to a certification course."