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  1. Wonderful usa, is everything just about killing? Who the hell needs a boot knife like that? Oh the U.S. Bushcraft man need that and a 50 cal. Rifle when going in to the woods! You might meat mean old Ivan, Taliban fighter or a killer US cop.
    Paranoid USA, you guys are a fucking joke!!!!

  2. I had the original black Gerber back in 1983 or 84 but lost it on a camping like a year later. I'm pretty sure the sheath wasn't plastic and made noise. If I remember correctly it was camo with a metal insert and had non adjustable springs to keep the knife in place. Always regretted losing that knife, in fact I'm looking to replace it now, that's why I'm here.

  3. Will this hold securely clipped to a belt or a pants pocket? I've been looking for a good knife to carry for protection.

  4. its for sale close to me for 15 bucks, Im considering it. Problem is I rarely wear a boot

  5. I have 2 from the 1980s. 1 I carried and the other is still NIB. Compared to those, this one is a toy. Effective I'm sure, but I hate the feel of it.