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  1. You should check out Equip2Endure here on you tube. Pretty sure they're associated with live fire llc and have great videos and website. Take Care and Be Aware

  2. I've been wondering if that firecord actually worked and even though it took a second to get a strike on it, it seems to work great!!!!

  3. What is interesting, is the Japenese ppl have something similar. There fire starter cord has a flammable product, with insect repellent added. So lighting it, with a ferro rod, it burns like a slow burning candle wick , and the smoke is similar to an mosquito repellent coil. It would be kewl if something like this was available in N.America.

    I really don't like that style of paracord Cobra weave..yes it looks good, but it takes for ever to take apart..however I do enjoy a simple pull apart Quick Deploy Paracord braid like :
    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMuvFVWUl4E

    2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFwFfCZcvGg

    Cheers 😉

  4. I'm getting slightly addicted to Nite Ize and Dutchware gears. Admitting it is the first step, I hear. Handy stuff!

  5. Really want some of this! Looks incredible.
    Long shot, but please check out my open giveaway. An expensive prize great for preppers/outdoorsmen (two Blizzard Bags- Expensive emergency sleeping bags). Total prize value around £65- say $100. The odds are great too as I only have a couple of video responses. Cheers!

  6. Would it be possible to do a review on batons that colasp don't think I spelled that right had one given to my uncle in Canada don't know if u can carry them their but here in the states you can would be good in A bug out bag

  7. Nice key chain. what I have now is a large carabiner. It has a small multitool on it that is cool but. I like the ferocium rod and the fire starting strand in the paracord. Might look into this.Thanks man.P.S. do wear a paracord braclet all the time.

  8. They even have some paracord that has monofilament fishing line inside it . Don't know if you have seen it.

  9. Thank you for the video.
    I use the "SURVIVAL CORD" brand (which adds a strand of fishing line as well) and I use the "quick deploy" method of weave – videos on youtube. I put my keychain ring(s) in the weave itself – not on the end. You can thread in as many keychain rings as you like – wherever you like on the "bracelet". They are not as easy to put on and take off as the S-locks, but cheaper and I don't have a need to put them on and take them off.

    Also, I attach to the keychain ring a hanging 2" ferro rod and SMALL army can opener (which being very sharp I gorilla tape shut). It doubles as a "knife" and a striker. I include one of those cheap push button lights (10 for $2) and put them on zip pulls too – those on my first aid kit, backpack, water kit, fanny pack/purse …
    With my store cards, library keychain card, keys, and rescue-me seatbelt cutter/window smasher, nobody pays attention to what is on there. I made mine with quick release buckles and it actually attaches to the outside loops on my Walmart Outdoor Products EDC Fanny Pack (about $6). That is my hands-free "purse". Contains lots of EDC goodies. $1 Rain poncho, Bic lighter, SS AA flashlight, first aid, etc. Being attached to the outside loops of my EDC fanny pack, I can access it from the hip to open doors, or remove it easily. The fanny pack is SMALL, but will also hold a Sawyer Mini Water Filter (along with my wallet). People don't notice the survival "bracelet" on a fanny pack as much as they do when you wear it on your wrist.

    To my dog's S-biner, I attach a 2" hanging ferro rod and a LARGE army can opener – also gorilla taped shut.
    My dog is a service dog – always with me. No one notices what is on her tags S-Biner. And no one wonders why I have a hands free, small fanny pack instead of a purse – because I have my "hands full". Slide the fanny pack around to the side or front with one hand, remove or use the items "from the hip" – then slide back behind me. One smooth, one-handed motion. And everybody is looking at my dog.

    And, just in case, I also made myself a necklace from Survival Cord brand with a ferro toggle and round, serrated striker – rustic look – much like the Wazoo. Very inconspicuous. (YouTube videos show how to tie the single strand as a slider)

    I know my use and ideas aren't for everybody – but they are an alternative for some – especially women who don't want to DRAW attention to themselves with a "PREPPER SURVIVAL BRACELET" etc. My set-up IS and LOOKS LIKE a matter of convenience and hands free functioning.

    Also, I haven't done it yet, but one young man had a video on shoving stuff UP INSIDE the survival cord outer shell – fishing hooks, sinkers, swivels, etc. Can be on a necklace or "bracelet" – PRETTY COOL. I carry a DIY mini fishing kit in my fanny pack. Fishing is a SERIOUS, "easy" survival alternative where I live – water everywhere.

    Best wishes to you and yours.