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  1. One can own machine guns in the US, but it requires federal permits, after multiple interviews and background checks by FBI and ATF, and a special tax.

  2. Mosquitoes: 2 suggestions. Bat houses and, if you must venture out when mosquitoes are most active, although I have not yet tried this, some people swear by 1000 mg of thiamine (vitamin B1) or a big dose of brewer's or nutritional yeast.

    I expect the severest winters in 200 years in the very near future.

    As much as I complain about the control freaks in Washington DC, Canada is much worse.

    Canada and Russia are both cursed by geography. Long term, the best geography in the world is probably the Mississippi River Valley, even with the tornadoes, the New Madrid Fault, and the Gulf Coast hurricanes.

    The most positive aspect I see to living in Canada is that a Canadian province is permitted to vote itself out of the country. We presumed ourselves to have this right in America until 1861.

  3. You have more selection of natural food than Central CALIF.
    We have agriculture, wine , poultry and nuts, citrus.

  4. There are two classes of prohibited guns in Canada. One class is for fully automatic one is for short barrelled handguns (less than 4 inches). People who have prohib licenses were gandfathered in or inherited prohib guns. If you don't have a prohib license you aren't getting one!

  5. You could potentially get a permit too buy & own heavy grade deet & you could smuggle it into Canada if you must have it…

  6. haha, you think the first nations didnt learn from Thanksgiving? lol, they're not sharing anything with anyone outside of the tribe