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  1. Hey, thanks for the vid to begin with!

    Now, is the output digitally regulated to give the same light always until the battery dies?

    Thanks again (=

  2. Nice review, Yes, the newest X1 is also two modes now. The X1 is my favorite EDC light. Just ordered the XS. Thanks for comparing the two side by side for size.

  3. I have a 1AA Inova X-1 and a 2AA Inova X-2.

    Very happy with both of them.

    Might add a 1AAA Inova XS to them as well.

    I don't care for the flashlights that use CR123 batteries. Lack of battery availability and higher battery prices.

  4. Any update on this model?

    I'm getting ready to get one. As I mentioned before, I already have the X-1 and X-2 models. Both reliable as hammers. Never fails to light when switched on.

    That can't be said of all brands. Some of them have crappy switches with iffy contact points. Intolerable. Something that has only one moving part should not have malfunctions.

  5. So I went to my local REI to get a Fenix E01 or E05 and they were sold out. This was the only single AA or AAA battery light they had, so I rolled the dice for $22.95. The newest iteration of this light has 80 lumens on high. I like how it works and how compact it is. Quality materials and puts out a lot of light. I like the twist of the rear cap to turn on and off, as well as the lower setting. Amazing how much light these tiny lights put out. I am replacing my old Maglite incandescent solitaire, which puts out hardly any light at all. Thanks for the video review. I didn't even know about this little powerhouse.

  6. I just bought this same light and mine must be broke because when I twist the cap it does not go on. Only the push button works to operate it.