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  1. I have the 8" MF brown hiking boot and there was no break in period. They fit like a glove when I first put them on. I have the LOWA boots that cost double the price of the Altai and they don't fit or feel as good as these. Of the 50 or so pair of boots I've had in my life none feel or fit as good as the Altai. Can't say enough good things about these boots. Try a pair and if you don't like them send them back. You owe it to yourself.

  2. I was sent a pair of these for testing 3 years ago and the are hands down the best boots I have ever owned. I used them laying pavers on, cleaning carpets, working in flooded basements, hiking the Rocky mountains in winter, summer, spring and fall. I have LITERALLY tortured these things to hell and back. My nephew is in HVAC and needed some boots since his Keens failed after 6 months and he has been wearing them for 9 months now and swears they are the best boots he has ever owned. I have since tested Merrill, Keen, Under Armour, Bates and more. These still are the absolute best.