13 thoughts to Survival Gear Essentials How To Order At 18:40

  1. i would just soooooo like to have this kit but they dont ship to europe-really sucks(you cant even get it on ebay or something eles etc

  2. There is original 6-in-1 double-sided urban EDC bag fits for altoids survival kit https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/277338670/6-in-1-urban-edc-bag-double-sided?ref=shop_home_active_1

  3. Hey guys, I recommend just going to a sporting goods/outdoors store and just putting your own kit together

  4. I watched this video, published back in May 6, 2014, and it really caught my eye. I was impressed with the Made in USA, 40 years of backpacking experience, and all the other "credentials" this guy gave to Dave. So I headed on over to his website and went over all the "kits" that he had listed, about 20 or so, and I could not find a "Personal Survival Kit". The closest "kit" I could find was called the "Backpacker's Survival Kit". It had pretty much all the items he had in this kit on the video plus some added things such as a MOLLE style carrying pouch for the cannister that he had this advertised kit in, 1 quart size "empty" Ziploc freezer bag, single edge razor "mini" Scraper, (I have no idea what this is used for in a survival situation of any kind), and a few other items which you can find on his website using the link above that David supplied.

    OK, with these added items and a change in the name of the "Kit", I figured there would be some kind of increase in price, since there STILL isn't anything called a "Free Lunch" in retail.But he also included a #1 snare trap along with the 10' of 22 ga. steel wire, (I built my snare traps out of the same wire and I naturally assumed that was the purpose of the 10' of wire), 2 Esbit fuel tablets, (no stove though, the Esbit stove is listed elsewhere for sale extra), and 16' of 550 paracord and a pair of cotton "work" gloves. 550 paracord, 7 strand mil-spec., can be bought from most of the paracord youtube sites for about 7 to 9 bucks for a 100' hank of cord.

    So, bottom line is, as I expected, a bit higher than the price 3 years ago at the Great American Outdoors show. Now, I would advise taking a seat, you may need one for the grand finale, …..drum roll please, the one and only price for this bargain of bargains which had an MSRP of $25.00 and a show price just 3 years ago of $20.99, is not $29.95, not $40.00, not even a price gouging 50 bucks. NO, the price of this American assembled survival kit, (I have no ides where much of the "ingredients" of the kit are manufactured), is fty9ntyfv …… oh, yeah, better use full disclosure on this one, the price of the kit is, Vanna, the envelope please, … rip, tear …. $59.95! Don't all jump at once now, but there is a blue light flashing over in the kit dept. and I don't know how long we can offer this kit at such a ridiculous price!!

    Yeah, …..surprising how "inflation" works ….. Uncle Flint, what part of "KISS" don't you understand?? You took the beginning of a good kit and did a "Dash for the Gold" turnaround so now you can get rich quick and retire to that cutesy South Seas island and live the good life. I wish you well and good luck but you lost one old worn out backpackin' customer within the few years you have promoted your product. I owned and operated my own independent businesses for most of my adult life and one thing I learned about retaining old customers and attracting new customers is simply service AFTER the sale and not a bunch of hype BEFORE the sale. But you will find that and a few other things out in your quest for business success ……. or not.

  5. Recommendations
    – essential light source missing
    – swap the plasters for duct tape
    – use smaller pealess whistle
    – add condom & water tablets
    – add sugar

  6. The fact that the kit comes with TP. Makes it worth the $20! Because you would most likely trade any item in this kit for some TP. 👍