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  1. @AbdMalil1 yeah, I was waiting and waiting for the Iphone on verizon. But I could not wait any longer. Verizon is the only thing that work at my house.
    – Adam

  2. Nice video!! Just to correct you. The Moto Droid does read satellite GPS, if you turn On GPS. Otherwise, if it's Off you will use cell phone towers. in the wilderness, you will get a GPS location, you just need a App/Map that is pre-loaded into the device. Because, with no cell, you get no "Data" so no google-maps. But any pre-loaded map will still use a GPS signal.

  3. I like to use MyFitness for exercise tracking, it shows your GPSs route taken on google maps, it shows average mile time, mph, shows calories burned, as well as shows chart of elevation increase and drop on your route. The other I like is Backcountry. Its just a Topographic overlay to google maps.