Survival Gear Everyone Should Have Where Does One Buy

prepackaged ready made bug out bags emergency survival gear are they worth it should you buy them what to add to bug out bag
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you thought about buying a prepackaged ready made emergency kit survival gear
a backpack that includes everything you
could possibly need in a Bug Out Bag that someone else
has checked off for you filled a
backpack and now you’re ready to go prepared prepping
you’re set for an emergency situation evacuation while that may sound like a great idea
remember back to when you were a child
did you ever receive a toy but it needed
batteries that weren’t included did you
ever get a craft project and you looked
at the directions and you didn’t
understand how to use it do you remember
those feelings of sadness frustration
and that you as a child don’t
necessarily have the capability to fix
those problems for yourself
don’t let this same experience happen to
you as an adult when you choose a
prepackaged emergency bug-out bag kit before you buy the prepackaged emergency survival bug out bag 72 hour kit read over all of the
contents and make sure that it covers includes all of the important areas must haves for bug out bags does the prepackaged ready made bug out bag emergency kit
include food water first aid hygiene
supplies sanitation does it have some
kind of shelter some cordage tools and a
way to have start fire you need to have a way
to prepare any food that’s included and
you need to make sure that you have all
of the things you need to sustain
yourself for several days at a time an
emergency situation is not the time to
realize that your prepackaged ready made bug-out
bag emergency survival kit is missing an area that’s important or items that are critical like
flashlights or matches before you ever
choose a prepackaged ready made bug out bag emergency survival kit 72 hour kit bag make a list for
yourself of what are the most important
things that you need make sure there are
things that you want that you need that
you know how to use you need must haves for bug out bag some food
you need water
you need first aid supplies the basic
hygiene even in an emergency situation
there are basic hygiene supplies that we
need every day make sure that your emergency bug out bag kit
includes some way to cook the food
that’s included if it’s required the
fuel that goes with it and a way to
light that fuel be sure to include
things like flashlights some a rope
something to make a shelter things like
emergency blankets and rain ponchos
something that you can wrap around
yourself shelter yourself if the weather
should turn bad you’re always going to
need a few tools so make sure some are
included basic tools are included in
your kit something like a multi-tool a
knife important tools allow you to do
the tasks that are most important and
are required in an emergency situation
if you’ve got a bucket of food prepackaged for long term food storage pop it open and try a few of the items or before you
buy the bucket of emergency meals food see if you can get some meal
samples or look for smaller size
packages of the emergency freeze dried meals if you don’t like it now in don’t care want to eat it a
time of emergency you’re still going to
be extremely disappointed and it’s not
something that you’re going to want to
eat look through an emergency prepackaged ready made bug out bag survival kit 72 hour bag backpack
make sure all of the comprehensive items
are there for emergencies if it has a stove do you know how to light it can you figure out how
to use it is the first aid kit complete
does it have the real emergency gear
that you would need there are a lot of
factors that come with providing the
things for yourself make sure you think
about adding a dry set of clothes for
each family member do you have pets or a baby make sure you have the things they
need for emergency bug out bag for babies kid pet I’m going to include a link to a video I made about how to make a bug-out
bag or emergency kit for your baby and
I’m going to also include a link for how
to make a emergency kit first aid bug-out bag for your pet
learn more at please
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Survival Gear Everyone Should Have Where Does One Buy

2 thoughts to Survival Gear Everyone Should Have Where Does One Buy At 18:50

  1. Not saying all of them are "not good" but many of them IMHO are too generic and/or still need items added like for example lighters or matches. Of course pre buying one would save time but you also dont really get to choose certain items or color. There's something about creating a kit/bag on your own, where you know it personally, and have used the items in some way before too. All the best to you , the family and the dog(:D ) from C.R.

  2. Can't emphasize enough how important an EDC can be for any type of emergency. One day a bunch of right-wing fascist proud boys (punk-ass jerks) tried to take over a crowded space in town to protest. Anti-protesters showed up too and the police pretty much closed off the downtown area to prevent violence – leaving the rest of the regular folks stranded -since there was no bus or train service. I had to walk to the next community to catch a ride home. Thank God for my EDC. I was able to use some of my tools/bag goodies to make the walk easier.