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  1. Nice vid.
    Compact and Solid… hang it on your backpack and it charges all day… get a AAA battery charger and you have infinity power for a little flashlight/radio…

  2. It probably would have charged better if you shut off the cell phone screen, leaving the timer running if you want…but the screen would take a lot of power from the ability of the charger to charge. Still even with the back light on and the timer running it did some charging…and the ipad would take a lot longer to charge. I have a 15,000 and a 20,000 mAh charger but they aren't solar. One good thing about the solar charger is that you can take a survival radio with a hand crank charger and charge the solar charger in the evening or cloudy day…or a cave…fast enough to have that spare charger…especially if you don't want the noise of the crank charging your phone if you were in a situation where noise could give your position away, so at 5,000 mAh, it is packable and versatile.

  3. I'm buying one, being sure to use your provided link. Funny thing is, I was going to buy an external rechargeable USB battery, and I had no idea solar versions existed until I saw this video. You saved me some money, good sir!

  4. Your phone would charge even faster if you turned it off instead of running that timer application which uses more battery power. Running that application while it's charging isn't going to accurately time the charging capability of the powerbank. Maybe if you're looking at it from the aspect of how quickly it can charge while still running applications, but this isn't the powerbanks quickest capability in this case.