8 thoughts to Survival Gear For 2019 Where To Order At 8:40

  1. The flashlight that is on my night table is a Fenix TK75 (2015 Edition) modified for more output by Vinguyen. ( TK75vn) it will cause severe pain in the eyes of an intruder at 10 feet away.

  2. Miuree makes badass tactical flashlights also. Here are a couple that I love to use check out some of the reviews!

  3. #CanadianPrepper Recently subscribed to your channel and I'm enjoying the variety of content you have. Keep it up please!

  4. I personally use the sony vtc5a unprotected and costed me less than 5 bucks from a reputable source.

    Batteries dont have to cost alot but you'll need to know how to use them.

  5. Great overview Nate! I’ve done a fair amount of flashlight research, and never heard the term ‘potted’ (prodded’?) before. Most self-defense instructors do not recommend using a flashlight as a baton. It is also important to train with any self defense item/plan, and not just buy something and think you’re ‘all set’.

  6. I got the Olight Warrior X Pro specifically for scaring critters, but not really good as an edc/ tactical light. Now edc’ing the Klarus XT11X, although the big head would be an edc challenge for a lot of folks.