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  1. i ended up making some today with candles turned out realy good lasted about 10min, may do a video on it if i get enough interest since im new to youtube :), keep up the great vids man!!

  2. I definitely like the wax soaked cotton ball better, it gives a long burn time. It seems to burn longer than Vaseline soaked Cotton ball. Thumbs up for that video.

  3. I have to give you kudos for being the first person on YouTube to use a container within a pot to melt wax. This the safest way to do it. Yet I see people melt wax in a tin can over a fire all the time. Luckily nobody has been hurt so far.

  4. stop the presses !!!!!!!!!!!!!! better try this mix equel parts wax and petrolium jellie brands dont matter then soak pads you know have " biofire ' THEIRSA GUY SELLING THIS STUF ON NET

  5. Now that's genius…a fire starting tamale…totally cool and definitely gonna try it and use it in my kit. Great vid, dude…thanks!!!

  6. it's not often I learn something new in firestarting but quite good!!!