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(ominous music)
(ominous music)
– Hello, everybody.
– Hi.
– Hi!
– Hi.
– Hi.
I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.
I keep bringing people to this table,
and I don’t have control over it anymore.
It just keeps happening.
– Wait, which seat am I in?
Oh, it doesn’t even matter. (laughs)
– At this point, I am
the center, I am the hub.
And I am very, very excited
to have all of you at the table,
because we have some new faces,
people I’ve never played with before.
– Yay!
– I know you.
– Yes, I know you.
– I know of you.
– I’ve seen you around.
– And I’m actually super
stoked that you’re here–
– Well, thank you, I’m
really happy to be there.
– And new friends.
– Yes, new friends.
Hello, I’m Julia and I’m so scared.
(group laughs)
– This is exactly where you need to be.
– Yeah, coming from the vet.
How many times has it been Xander?
– I signed up for life.
(group laughs)
– I actually have your contract
in my pocket right here–
– Why is there so much
blood on that contract?
– Yeah, blood brothers, literally.
– That’s not how that works.
– And Michelle, I have been
dying to get you at the table.
– Yay!
– So I’m sorry
you had to say yes to this one.
– Well, we all gotta go sometime.
– And we are, we are going to go.
So things have been
escalating as one would expect
in a game such as this
and we talked a lot more
than my last two groups because
stuff has been happening.
And I’m very interested
in at least people know
what you know a little
bit about the scenario
and what is happening before
we dive into character creation.
The big thing is that you experienced
before the events of last episode
this giant wave that just
crashed into the east coast
and basically has washed
out everything that is
anything from around 5,000
feet above sea level and below.
We talked a little about
you being on a dark area
and we’re putting you
on the other continent
on the other side.
We were in San Francisco last episode
and now we talked about Mt. Fuji, right?
– Mm-hmm.
– Cool.
All right, well then with that said,
before we get into handing out cards
and doing character creation.
Let’s learn a little about the people
playing the Doom Dance,
so Julie would you like to start?
– Yes, my name is Mary Beth Baker.
– I would like to know about Julie.
– Oh, okay.
– Then we’ll learn about Mary Beth.
– Great, I am Julia, Julia Dennis
and I am so excited to play this game.
– One have you done horror RPGs before?
– No, nope.
Well I did Relics of
Rarities with Deboran Enwoll
and she’s terrifying.
(group laughs)
From home game to streamed
game, real scary girl,
but no I’ve never done anything like this.
– Okay, well welcome.
I will say that me
knowing these three well,
you are in safe place and if at any time
you don’t feel like you’re in safe place,
just punch me in the face.
– Can we have a safe word?
– Punch me in the face?
– Okay.
– Yes. (laughs)
– We were about to punch you in the face.
– About to punch you that’s
my X card it’s right here.
(group laughs)
– Am I supposed to say it or do it?
I’m confused.
I’m gonna do both just in case.
– Daryl.
– Hi, I’m Daryl Crittende.
You know me from Asinine
Wisdom and other dumb things
that I do on this network
and I’m super excited.
I’ve played around Ivan,
but I’ve never got to play with Ivan
and I’m super confused as
to why he has me on here,
so it should be revenge, it’s good.
– I like to push boundaries,
take people out of their comfort zones.
– I am super uncomfortable,
so I’m excited.
– Which you say with a smile on your face,
which is why I love you.
– I was told not to stop smiling.
(group laughs)
– Ms. Michelle?
– Hi, I’m Michelle Wynn-Bradle.
I pay lots of tabletop
shows on the interwebs.
It’s my first time doing
an on-camera thing together
so I’m very excited.
I’ve played with this ding
dong a couple of times.
– Ding dong.
(group laughs)
– I’m really stoked.
I’ve done a strictly horror RPG before.
I’ve done D&D where bad things happen,
but I’m usually the funny character.
– I know that feeling.
– The comedic relief
in an otherwise dark and dismal territory.
– Well you can still be a bright candle,
but it is now flickering.
– Oh no, I’m not going to.
– He’s starting already
with imagery and words.
– How dare you.
– Easy on the adjectives.
– Hi Xander.
– Hi, I’m Xander Jeannere.
I was in Relics and Rarities with Julia.
I also do LA by Night,
a Vampire the Masquerade story we do here,
Calisto 6, we’re a live a frontier.
I’m very, very lucky
and when Ivan calls me
I say how high, no wait he
says jump, I say how high.
– Well I was actually
pleased I got to actually
to play MBA Cam on LA by Night.
– Oh yeah yeah.
– That was special
to be a player.
– Congratulations.
– Thank you, and congratulations
on the terrible things
that are probably happening
because of the Cams.
(group laughs)
– Anarchy for un-life!
– Un-life, what up?
So let’s start by taking your cards
and as we have discussed,
your note cards are actually
pictures of you which we
will destroy and deface
as you slowly descend into darkness.
– Can I draw a mustache now or?
– Yeah, if that’s how you
feel about tiny Xander.
– Tiny Xander.
– He can’t grow a mustache,
now Xander can’t grow a mustache.
– There’s me before I
could grow a mustache.
– Oh a baby.
– Let me see,
oh he’s adorable.
– Well let’s give them up
because we’re gonna start with virtues.
Why don’t you give that one to Julia.
We’re gonna pass all of ours to the right,
pass one to the right, skipping me.
– Gambit here.
– Yoink.
– Gambit.
– It’s sticky, I’m Spiderman.
– That’s beautiful.
– Thank you as a young child–
– You’re a model.
– We’re gonna begin by writing a virtue,
something that you wish upon somebody
and you hope that they exemplify
as part of your time together
and to be abundantly clear,
if this is your first episode,
people watching today, this
is your character not you.
– Mmm.
I wrote very small.
– That’s fine.
– Should I write bigger?
– As long as the person
who is there can read it.
– Okay.
– Yes.
– I have glasses.
I’ll be fine.
– Okay.
– All right are we all good?
– Mm-hmm.
– Let’s pass them back.
Thank you.
– Gambit, Gambit, Gambit.
– Hold on.
– I practiced that
a lot when I was a kid, because
I was really into Gambit.
– Good thing I’m not really Gambit.
– Do we look yet?
– I would actually love
to see what you all have.
Julie, would you mind starting?
What did you get?
– My God, you wrote that so small.
– Headstrong, I told you that, headstrong.
– Headstrong, great, all right, Daryl?
– Fair.
– Fair?
– You are a fair child.
– I’m–
– Fair man.
– Fair fair fair.
– Do you burn easily in the sun?
– I think it’s–
– I’m not smart enough
to know how to spell them differently,
but this is the one that you
go to and also I think is good.
– Michelle?
– It says selflessness,
so selflessness.
– Selfless, got it.
– Decisive.
– Ooh, decisive, great,
well now let’s take
another one of your cards
and we will now pass them to the left.
– Do I have to pick the
most evil-looking one?
Does it matter?
– Oh no I used my goth phase.
– Hillary Clinton.
– So we’re going left
back to the same person.
– Yes, is it?
– Different people.
– Yeah, it should be
going to different people.
– That didn’t work at all.
– How about this, how about–
– See under there.
– There there there.
– I’m sorry, now say it again.
– We are writing a vice.
– Vice.
– Something that creates
more problems than it solves
and is not something that
you wish upon anybody,
except you are.
– Hope I spelled that right.
– You have this thing with words huh?
– I’m pretty dyslexic.
– All right.
– Return?
– Return please yes.
Let’s send it back to
the next, here I can–
– We had it, we had eye contact.
– It’s like looking at the
shoulder when you do a high five.
– I always miss those things darn it.
– Xander, what’s your vice?
– I’m fussy.
– A decisive fussy one.
– Oh, I see.
– Okay.
– Xander wrote on the back
of mine, fuggin’ bossy.
Two Gs and an N.
– That’s how you know
it’s a vice, it’s not a good thing.
– Bossy.
– Fuggin’ bossy.
– I am a hoarder.
– Oh my.
– Which is hard for me, but I will do.
– Okay, I’m looking forward
to see what this pack
looks like and Julia?
– Zealot.
– Ooh.
– I have no idea what that means.
– So religious zealot would be a thing.
– Easily obsessed with something.
– Oh yes, yes.
– So like gung ho for like–
– I think another word
would be like an extremist.
– Mm-hmm. (laughs)
– You have a too far gene, too far.
– Too far.
– Too far gene?
– Next I already had an
opportunity to introduce the module
that we’re playing a little bit,
but I will setup the scene for you
as we go into this moment.
We talked about this a
little before the game,
but we all had a conversation
about you are currently
on top of Mt. Fuji,
or at least somewhere on the
mountain about 5,000 feet.
Now I think we discussed
maybe being in a hotel
that’s close to a shrine
or some kind of touristy
kind of area, rest area
and you have been there
for the last 11 days.
Terrible things have happened.
The monoliths came out of the ground
as we discussed 11 days ago,
they shot up out of the ground.
People have been disappearing.
Rumors are that there is
something in the ground
that is taking people.
Some of you may even
have seen this happen.
And very recently, like
the most recent event
that you can recall is a giant tidal wave
hit all of basically the
eastern part of the Pacific
and destroyed presumably since
it washed over everything
except for the top of Mt. Fuji,
wiped out the entire continent of Japan
and presumably all of Southeast
Asia, China, Eastern Russia
and certainly the
Philippines at this point.
This is all speculation
that you’ve been able
to decipher from the 100 foot plus wave
that you saw as it washed across the water
as the sun was going down.
In fact, the impact was so
huge as it struck the mountain
that it visibly shook
the ground underneath you
and after the wave started to diminish,
which is where our scenario is beginning,
as the wave is starting to come back down,
it left nothing behind
because the force was so bright.
So with that said, let
us generate a moment
that you hope your
characters to accomplish
in this scenario today,
something that you will
write for yourself.
And it is something that we will share.
What do you hope to
accomplish in this story
with the information that
has been provided to you?
– We can start with I will find hope when,
I can find hope when,
yes all of those things.
The abuse of ellipses
inside of the rule book
of 10 Candles is prolific.
(group laughs)
I should also tell I’m
also terribly proud of you.
I know many of you have done this before,
but also the ones that are
coming and doing this today,
I want to celebrate your bravery
before I do terrible things okay?
– Thanks.
– I’m also proud of you for you
getting in the saddle again,
doing it over, it can’t be
easy, emotionally or otherwise.
– Let’s just say when my four-year-old
when I was putting him to bed last night,
I told him some very
sweet non-scary stories
to just kind of mouthwash out of it.
– It was like your ginger
at the sushi joint.
– Yes, except I hate ginger. (laughs)
– That makes sense.
You seem the type.
– Let’s see, I know yeah, let’s talk
has everyone there written down?
– Yes.
– Mm-hmm.
– Great, Michelle let’s begin with you.
What do you hope to accomplish?
What is your character name first of all?
– My character name is Eve Tham.
– Tham and what do they hope
to accomplish in this story?
– My new hope now that has been 11 days,
is that I find clarity in meaning
to the madness that is
happening around us.
– Wow.
– Clarity in meaning
to the madness, okay, excellent.
Is there anything we should know
about Eve before we hop off?
– Eve is a waitress.
It has come out among
conversation already.
She’s been here for 11 days.
I always talk about finding myself
because you also know
that I’m a failed actress,
or at least I was
aspiring to be an actress
and I gave up and I’m here with this group
because I was trying to escape reality
and again find something in my soul.
– By trying to escape reality
you found an entirely different reality.
– Yes.
– Yes.
– Irony.
(group laughs)
It’s thick.
– Daryl who will you be playing today?
– I’m playing Elliot Arlong
and he is a software engineer.
He is here on Mt. Fuji
with you guys by chance
and yeah he won a contest and yay.
– So fate has delivered you to this place
and in many ways that is both awful
because you are now
stuck, but in many ways,
it’s also amazing because you are alive.
– Right I would have been
probably somewhere around
San Francisco, so I would
imagine I’m doing well
compared to everyone back at sea level.
– Yeah, fair enough and what do
they hope to accomplish, Elliot?
– I will find hope when
I can follow through
my ideas successfully with
everyone so obviously a leader.
– You want to make a plan
and actually execute it?
– Yes.
– Huh, excellent, okay.
– And pull it off.
– Julia who will you be playing today?
– I’m playing Mary Beth Baker.
I’m a wedding planner for Magnolia Texas
and knowing me virtue and vices
I have decided my mission statement
is to find hope and a moment of purpose
in this place to honor God’s
decision to clean the world.
– Whoa.
– Wow.
– Great, so you need to
find peace in this choice
of this ultimate flood
that has come across?
– And also why I have been saved.
– And also why you have been saved.
– Yes.
– Amazing.
– All right, and Xander.
– Yeah, so I’m gonna
be playing Oliver Cash.
He’s a truck driver and he
is bored of the monotony
and it’s getting him down,
so his therapist recommended going abroad
and now look at what happened.
It was on Groupon.
– Good for him for
listening to his therapist.
That therapist probably
isn’t around anymore.
– No, he’s just been
miserable this whole time.
He’s like creature of comforts in–
– Truly a fish out of water.
– And I will find hope when
I finally share my feelings.
– Huh, okay.
– Whatever those may be.
– Whatever those may be.
– That is interesting,
because I actually have
a truth from the last
group to give to you.
It is something that they established
as a truth in this world
and it is one statement,
just the statement when
we talk about truth
and we’ll do this in the
game when we go into it.
Their truth that they gave to
you is that God is with you.
– Wow.
– Oh, praise his name.
– Yes, that is the truth that they handed.
– As our lord and savior.
(group laughs)
– With that said, let’s write your brinks.
– Oh boy.
– So the brinks will start
by giving one of your cards
to person to your right and
I’m included in this matter,
so not only will you be handing me one,
but I will be handing you one.
– Okay.
– So now this is a unique
situation for you two.
I’m going to be writing
a brink describing Them
and what they have seen you
do as far as a character goes,
something that they know about you.
– Them, the?
– Capital T.
– The bad Them?
– The Them, the They, yes.
While Elliot you will
be telling me a brink,
a fact about Them and this is something
that you can share to expand on the world,
based on the knowledge that you know,
it can be about the monoliths
since that’s part of the contact
or it can be about both,
really Them in general
and that will be given to me
and that is something
that I will hold onto
for the rest of the story.
– You got it.
– Okay?
It cannot be a weakness,
that is the one qualifier.
– Right, right.
– We should say this,
I have seen you.
– I have seen you
and in the circumstances
of me I will have say
They have seen you and you
will say I have seen Them.
– Maybe like rumble and like
oh God.
– It’s like those 40s movies
where you can smell and feel everything.
– Oh that was me, sorry.
– Too spooky for Xander.
– Too spooky. (laughs)
I get gassy. (laughs)
– I feel like putting us
on the same side of the
table was a mistake.
– Was a mistake.
– Anyway.
– No giggling only serious, only death.
– Oh, it’s fine get it
all out of your system.
– Yeah, get it now.
And then like that it’s gone.
– I’m scared to get my brink. (laughs)
– Are we learning our brinks right away?
– Yeah.
– Yes.
And then you hold onto them.
– You and that one other
person will know at the table.
– I’m not reading it out loud?
– Oh.
– You know my brink
and I know my brink
and that’s the only two
people that know my brink.
– Ew.
– Yeah, Xander, you know,
– I know your brink
because I have seen you below level.
– I feel it’s taking him
way too long to write mine
and I really worry–
– It’s a whole novel.
– Cool cool cool, great.
Here we go.
– This is wrong, right?
– Absolutely.
– There you go.
– Eye contact ready, this
is gonna right in your face
if I–
– Great.
– Oh no don’t look at it.
– Ooh, I got chills wee, okay.
– Yeah. (laughs)
– Yay I made Ivan happy.
– Okay cool I like that.
I have to write that brink down.
– Don’t look at the GM, no cheating.
– No cheating, no cheating.
– And if it helps you can
make a stack with your cards
and the brink will always be
at the bottom of the stack
and you can put the other ones
on top of it to keep it secret.
– We’re now going to set our stack
and you can put them however you wish
virtues, vices and moments,
knowing that when you
burn or get rid of them
in order to do dice
you will have to do
whatever is on top first,
which means you cannot get to your moment
until the moment is on top.
– Got it.
– All right,
but again you may stack
that however you wish,
but the brink must be on the bottom.
– The brink must be on the bottom.
– The other, like the vice
and the virtue and stuff,
can form your character decisions,
but you can only burn
what’s at the top first.
– That’s why I bring
Xander to every table.
– Sorry I don’t mean to–
– No, literally it’s like
having an assistant DM,
it’s the best.
– Weird, I live.
I’m the only one.
(group laughs)
– Wait what?
– What?
– Any more questions, comments, concerns?
– No.
– We stacked?
– Our last?
– Yeah, what’s our last?
– The last one is simply to
write your character name
your concept, your look,
it’s a little cheat sheet
for who you are.
– Got it.
– Oof.
– Yes.
Okay, mm-hmm.
Your story begins as the last
decaying light of the sun
begins to bend over the eastern horizon
as you have watched this decimating wave
crash against Mt. Fuji
and the last receding
lights of the sun show you
a horizon of pure water
laid out all around you with
your lonely mountain peak
sitting as the only crested
top on this wide horizon.
You are in a bed and breakfast
on the side of this wonderful
huge historical landmark
that is part of the wonders that is nature
and in many ways it has
been incredibly peaceful,
minus the clenching starvation
that you occasionally have to deal with.
People come and go.
Many people have actually found this place
and have decided that that is
not where they wish to stay
and have left and many people have decided
that they need to do something
other than just wait to die.
They have gone down the mountains
to find whatever hope and purpose
they may find on the
bottom of the mountain.
But for one reason or another,
the four of you have stayed
and now you are out of food.
You sit in this hollow empty building
after watching what is
probably one of the most
spectacular things to
ever occur in your life,
I’d like to know what
you’re thinking right now.
– I am feeling weirdly lucky.
I didn’t know staying
here was the right choice.
I just didn’t feel like
going down the hill
and I made the right choice
and the four of us are here.
– That’s all that matters.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
How about you Elliot?
– I think we made a huge
mistake in staying here.
I think we should have gone down the hill
with the rest of the group.
I think we could have
found something down there
to maybe build a raft,
construct something,
maybe use part of the monolith itself.
I think this is a huge
mistake to be up here.
We’re out of food.
We need to go.
– Oliver?
– Listen, they left it to us.
No one else is here, this is ours now.
We have land.
We have somewhere to go.
We can create a stronghold here.
They have places to go.
They have homes.
They have families.
We have nobody.
– You have nobody.
You have just you four.
And Mary Beth?
– We have been chosen.
Y’all don’t even see that yet.
But you need to have faith
that we have been chosen here.
There is a reason that we did
not go down that mountain.
You were called to stay here.
And we are gonna find a
way out of this place.
– So as you stand with both attitudes of
this is a great stronghold
versus we could have something better,
this comes to your mind as
you spend the next few hours
watching as the water recedes drastically
and we’re talking well
if I may be so bold,
it’s like watching a
bathtub drain slowly out
as the water line just
recedes feet by the minute
as the mountain slowly
becomes more and more exposed.
As you look down with the
limited night vision you have
as it is now dark, but the moon providing
such a magnificent glow
being the size that it is in the sky now
you can see that it is just
devastated and waste in front of you.
Many of the trees and actually
looking at the flotsam
as the wave has pushed
itself out towards the west
you can see a lot of the
water that is slowly receding
is now filled with debris,
trees, parts of buildings,
trash, all of it as this tub
of a world slowly comes down.
What would you like to do?
– Well this is great.
I mean there’s supplies down there now.
There could be anything,
plastic survives right?
There could be a first aid kit.
There could be firewood,
anything we should go down there.
– I agree with Oliver, I
think we should get down there
and see what’s there and what we can use
and maybe find a way off this island.
– Mm, seems like a really big hike.
I feel like if you two just did it.
– Are you kidding me now?
– I mean someone has to watch this–
– The more hands we have
down there, the better.
– The more things we could take back up.
– I agree, this is an offering
and we should accept it.
– I go and grab a bag and just
start walking down by myself.
– Okay so as Eve surreptitiously
grabs a backpack,
you three are you just
going to be taking–?
– This is nighttime right?
– It is, it is the beginning of night.
The sun has set.
– Okay, we have from the
temple’s emergency kit,
we do have one flashlight,
but it’s on its last legs.
– Yeah, it’s a plastic flashlight.
– For emergencies type of thing.
So I’m gonna grab that,
yeah I don’t really
have a bag or anything.
– So at this point whatever you can find
you will have go in there.
Usually in 10 Candles,
it explicitly states
that you have whatever is in your pockets,
but in this kind of scenario,
since you do have the
hotel available to you,
there is probably a
limited amount of supplies
that would be around stuff
that either hasn’t been taken
or it’s part of your personal effects
that haven’t been used up to this point.
So I think that’s a fair
assessment, flash light is fine.
So unless you tell me otherwise,
what I’m hearing is you begin
descending down the mountain.
The first thing you notice
when you start descending
down the mountain
is just how odd it is to
smell the sea this high up.
Just that crisp salt
kelp intensity this high
when you have just left
ostensibly a large topiary
and you’re walking down this steep decline
knowing that you came up here
originally with a cable car
and came into this place,
whatever road you took,
there is some remnants of it
that you could potentially
follow down, but if you
are worried about being
slowed down by tree density
or anything like that,
that has all been washed
away at this point.
You begin to climb down
and it’s minutes pass.
An hour passes, half an hour.
Then an hour and a half passes
and you still find yourself walking
and you just can’t
believe how fucking tall
this thing is as you get down.
But you are hungry and you are definitely
far enough away from where
you are at this point
from where the hotel is that
you basically start to see
the scattered remains of all of the forest
that were laid out around now
laying on top of each other.
I don’t know if any of
you have gone to Oregon
and seen clear cutting
or anything like that,
when they just clear out
large swathes of trees and lay it down.
It’s very similar to that.
The mud is just thick because it’s wet
and the dirt is there, a
lot of it just eroded away.
So you’re either walking on irregular rock
or you’re ankle deep in mud
as you continue to move down
and the first true obstacle
that gets in your way
is a mish-mashed pile of logs that seem
to surreptitiously pile
itself right in front of you.
It’s not so big that
you couldn’t go around,
but it’s also the first major pile of wood
you’ve seen around in a
long time as well too.
What would you like to do?
– I think we go around it.
There’s no point in going over the top
and somebody spraining an ankle
or twisting a wrist or something.
– Okay, you can absolutely go around.
– Is there some way we could use this?
It’s a lot of wood, it’s
wet, but I don’t know.
– I mean I’m not carrying
a tree up a mountain,
especially not Mt. Fuji.
– Yeah, you’re right.
– One six is all you need.
Well all right.
Two sixes, I will take
these ones for myself.
(group laughs)
You’re welcome whenever you’d like
to burn whatever you
want to re-roll these,
but I’ll hang on to them at this time.
Actually at this point I don’t
have any dice to work with,
so Elliot I’ve giving
you narration rights,
would you like to tell
how you very easily avoid
this immensely large pile of fallen trees?
– Well I say we go up to the high ground
and go around over to the top
because if we go around the bottom
and there’s a chance
there’s something up top
waiting on us to drop down on us,
so I want to go up to the top.
– So you climb over it?
– No no no, I want to go,
it’s up against a crest
and I want to climb up on
the side of the mountain
to make sure there’s nothing
there and that it’s–
– It’s a good thing you did as well too
because the reason that
crest that it’s sitting up
on top of each other if
you had just gone directly
around the trees into it,
it actually had a pretty
steep drop off of whatever ostensibly was
a fairly gnarly eroded base.
The trees had basically stopped
a large amount of the mud
which had piled up into it,
but it was a fairly large
drop off on the other side,
so going around the crest was a good idea.
– Fuck yes.
– What it’s like a dam?
Like did it stop the water?
– I mean it looks like
it’s just piled up here.
I don’t really know.
I mean it stopped the
water, but I don’t think
it’s gonna stop another wave like that.
I think it’s gonna bust it.
– If there is a dam here, why
don’t we look for I don’t know
stuff it caught like
bugs or fish or seaweed?
– Yeah.
– All right.
– I’ll examine with you, I’ll
go down to the base to start.
– So just looking for
whatever organic material–
– Or non-organic, I’m looking for plastics
that may have washed up.
– Great, let’s see if
anything got caught up
in this small break that was generated
on the side of the mountain.
Why don’t you go ahead
Eve it was your idea?
– I got one six and one one.
– I didn’t see that.
– Let me take mine and see if
I can steal narration rights
from you.
– Oh.
– So the six will give me
narration rights on this.
– You could burn if
you want to to re-roll.
– Yes, I will re-roll.
– Okay, great then you
can re-roll that one one
that I took from you.
– Okay.
– How are you you’re
doing your vice though,
which is on top right?
– Yes.
– So roll it first of all.
If you get another six then
you get narration rights.
– Please.
Ooh girl.
Oh yeah that was risky.
– That’s fine.
I’m gonna tell you how it happened
and I’m gonna tell you how
you were a fuggin’ bossy girl
as you were doing it.
Eve as you we’ve already
pretty much established
at this point you’re gonna
be ranger in this party
and move straight forward with whatever
and if they followed you great, whatever.
You basically start coming
around and just pulling
through the muck, you’re
just looking through,
tossing stuff around and as you basically
start to pull this muck
and this wood around,
you hear a (mimics heavy
sound) as you look above you
and you see that you’ve
pulled enough mud away
that it has now shifted.
The large logs that were above you
have now shifted and
started to twist and move
and it’s only Oliver being with you
right there at the moment to grab your arm
and pull you away when one
of the logs shift enough
to basically fall right down
just right where you were a moment ago.
– Jesus Christ woman you gotta be careful.
– I thought I was being careful.
– You were tearing through that
like it was a bag of candy.
– Well aren’t we hungry?
– It’s common sense.
– The longer we take, the
faster we’re gonna die out here.
– You look at the logs that
have shifted as a result
of you pulling down and in it you notice
that the bit of logs have
actually made a perfect cage
for what appears to be an SUV
that’s been lodged deep
inside this group of trees
at the moment yes.
– Oh shit.
– Hey y’all I’m still up
on this ridge right now.
I know y’all having a moment
but I think I see a vehicle.
Is that accurate?
– What?
I examine, can I get close without it–?
– Yeah you can look at it.
It is impossible to see inside
because it is covered in seaweed and dirt
and you can actually
see there’s like a fish
flopping somewhere on top of it.
– Is it like thinned and vertical
like we’d be looking
down into the windshield.
– Yeah, it’s horizontal.
So if you imagine this
clump of horizontal trees,
this thing basically
built a cage around it
and when she moved enough of
the dirt to shift the logs
so that you can actually see
through it at the moment.
– Yes.
– And so
the windshield is exposed?
– The windshield is exposed
and the wild part is that it looks
fairly dry inside of there.
– You guys are welcome
that I found this for us.
– You are our fisherman.
– What?
– You found it.
– I don’t think that
luck this is gonna last,
but just don’t do stuff
like that again okay.
You got lucky.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
We don’t know if this thing’s gonna drive,
it’s been surrounded by trees.
– We got a fish.
– Listen you’re a smart guy.
This thing is not gonna drive,
but there might be something inside.
– Yeah, let’s take it easy,
let’s put the fish in the bag.
Let’s take it easy.
– Yes, so the fish is not going
to consent to being taken.
You’re grabbing it and it’s
flopping and it’s very mad,
but you do pound it into
submission eventually.
– You do, you do?
– I feel like you do.
– Oh yeah yeah yeah.
– And you give it to me.
– I got in a bag.
– It does relent into going
into the bag eventually.
It is I’m not terribly familiar,
actually it could be
any fish in the ocean.
– And you could tell me any fish
and it wouldn’t make a difference.
– It is a mid-sized fish.
– As long as it’s got scales.
– It’s a medium-sized mackerel.
– Oh there we go.
– It’s a mackerel.
– Saba.
– Saba yeah.
I know my fish.
– And right now that’s about as much
as you’re able to glean
because the one challenge is
that even though the digging has exposed
that a car is inside of there,
it is 100% lodged in this
clump of trees right now.
So really the only way if the
intent is to get into the car
to try to find things that are around it
you do see an exposed window
that someone could wiggle
through the logs to go through.
– Hey church lady, you’re up there.
Can you grab a branch and break
these windows or something?
Better than us doing it down here.
– Absolutely, yes, I’m
gonna throw some things
onto the windshield as hard
as I can, is that all right?
– Glass houses and.
(group laughs)
Praise be his name.
– So you’re basically
looking for something large
that you could without
getting too close to it
just chuck the rock down.
– Yes correct.
– Okay, I would love a roll here.
– Did you say you’re gonna
throw things down at this car?
– Yes, do take cover in case
I do miss and it bounces.
– I’m gonna move by.
– All go ahead.
– Okay.
– One six one one.
– So he has to get one six.
– One six.
– Dang it, so you can re-roll that one
if you want to burn your thing.
– You’ve got to burn your card.
– Otherwise, he’ll take narration on it.
– I ain’t burning my card.
– Okay, okay, it is a success though.
You do have a six.
It’s determined who
narrates the success is all,
so I imagine at this point that
you’re being very deliberate
about not being in the mess
of trees while you take this
is you start grabbing whatever
decent-sized rock you can find
and you’ve gotta get arm deep
in the mud to even get that.
So as you’re moving the
slosh and you’re feeling
as the very wet ground beneath you
is just sliding down ever so lightly
you do find a couple of
larger than skipping stone
but not like bulling ball sized situations
and you size yourself
up and you just start
throwing rocks at the windshield.
A couple of them bounce off of the wood–
– More pepper!
– As you are trying to get your aim,
but the last one that you throw,
the last one that you hold onto
goes down with enough force
that you see it spiderweb across
and you see it has definitely
made a reasonable impact
on top of that thing.
– Yes well I was shot put
champion Ridgecrest High okay?
So if I can throw
anything it’s gonna be me.
– If this is shot putting
is this accurate, then yes.
(group laughs)
– You know it’s hearsay.
– Been a while.
– Been a while.
– Very much that window
is going to go.
– Perfect.
– Does anybody just want
to try the door handle
before we throw any more rocks?
– I can tell you right now
it’s pretty pinned in there.
It doesn’t look like the
doors are gonna open.
– You have a little bit of
wiggle room potentially.
– Digging has not been successful for us.
I just–
– Hey take the lead smart guy.
– Can I try a door handle?
– Yeah, if you would like
to crawl in there and start
wiggling the door handle
by all means make a roll.
– Everybody else just stay back
and let me try the door
handle, just let me try.
– Be my fucking guest.
– You do realize she broke
the windshield already right?
– Yeah, but it’s not
open, it’s just broken.
– You just kick the window.
– He’s got to do it his way.
– All right, all right.
– So you got one
and I will roll to see if I
will take over narration rights.
No, ooh, Elliot would you kindly
take over narration rights
and tell me how you
successfully get this door open?
– So I’m able to pull the
door, but it’s unlocked.
I’m able to pull it open just enough
that I can reach my hand in and roll down
the manual door like this
and then the door windows are down
and then all we have to do is just
one of us I’m here and crawl around
and just look and see what’s in this car.
See if there’s any first aid
kits, a Clif bar, anything.
Is that okay with everybody?
Do you want to throw anything else?
Do you want to dig anything else?
– I know you’re trying
to make us feel stupid,
but I feel like I found
the car so I’m still good.
I don’t know about these two.
– I broke the windshield.
– I got a fish.
– Awesome.
– We’re doing great.
– We’re doing real good.
– I’m super,
I’m gonna go in the car.
– You’re gonna go in the
car and start looking.
Elliot, I’m gonna actually consider this
too much of a conflict,
but the going inside what
I am more interested in
is just what you could potentially find.
So that’s why making you roll right now,
it’s so much what–
– Should I say what I’m hoping to find?
– I’m hoping to find
like a road flare kit.
– Like a broken down–
– There you go roadside kit, roadside kit.
I’m hoping to find just a stash of snacks.
I’m hoping it’s a mom car
with just some apple sauce packets–
– Absolutely go for it.
– Yes.
– So.
– One success.
– And?
– One.
– I feel like we should
burn we’re down to three.
– Oh and this is perfect too, a hoarder.
– So yeah.
– You rolled out one.
You already had the success,
so let’s just talk about
that one real quick.
– So I roll it again yes?
– Yes.
– And then.
– Hoarder.
– Oh!
– Another one.
I will take that from you.
And I actually need to
ask for narration rights
at this point.
– Be kind.
(group laughs)
– Yeah, two sixes.
– Oh no.
– Goodness gracious.
– Elliot as you begin
wading through the car,
you can see that while
it’s dry on the inside,
it 100% was submerged at
some point inside of there.
You are correct.
This was a mom car for sure
and you know because of
the distinct car seat
that is seating in the back
of the vehicle right now,
also because of the bodies
that are in the back seat.
You can’t see them because they are
whatever was in the car
seat has been covered
by some kind of blanket,
but the adult body that
is lying the back seat
is definitely an adult.
In that, you see totes,
totes of plastic-encased stuff
and it’s opaque so what is in
there exactly is hard to tell.
But there are at least several
on either side of the car seat.
– I’m gonna grab everything I can.
I’m not gonna look at anything.
I just want to get this stuff.
They’ve been irresponsible so far,
so I’m gonna keep some
of this stuff for me
just to keep it safe.
I’ll give it to them when
they’re ready for it,
but they’re not ready for it yet.
– So you’re going to
take some of the stuff
and put it into your bag?
– It’s just a situation of
one for them, one for me,
two for them, one, two
for me, that kind of thing
and just hang onto some stuff.
I’m keeping it safe.
I’m doing the right thing.
– Great, so you come
out with totes in hand
and you bring it down.
– Holy shit!
– You all see Elliot
bringing these totes out.
– Dang, good job Elliot,
you did something.
– Yeah, it was not good in there.
– What?
– What do you mean?
– It’s bodies, it’s not good in there.
– What?
– I’m sorry.
– It’s okay.
– We need to bury them.
– What?
– Absolutely, we need to bury them.
– This is not a priority–
– What do you mean this is not a priority?
– Religion, it’s–
– They’re buried, they’re under trees,
they’re under mud, they’re buried.
– Just as much as anyone else
in this godforsaken city.
– Guys, this is I don’t know about you,
but this is my first
time encountering bodies.
Usually people just disappear.
We were on top of that hill for so long
and people just kept leaving.
I knew people were dying, but Jesus.
– I’m going down to the car
and I’m just gonna say a prayer.
– I’m gonna try and stop you.
– I haven’t had a strong
contested roll in a long time.
– Oh no.
– But I think
in this circumstance I’m
just gonna give you both
dice equal to what the current candle
or what the current
leftover candle situation is
and then we’ll go from there.
This might not be par for
the course in the rule books,
so sorry Steven Dewey
if I’m messing this up,
but it is what I would like to do.
– Okay, we’re just doing successes.
The ones don’t go to you.
– The ones don’t go to me, yeah.
One success, one six.
– And she failed.
– Okay.
– So I actually think I
know what’s happening.
– Please.
– Great.
– First of all, as Mary Beth
you’re continuing to come down
and Oliver is doing
everything he can to stop you.
He is has a little more body
mass than you at the moment
and if he’s ostensibly denying you
this opportunity to do what
you think is the right thing
in order to bring these
people to rest in there.
So even though he’s
physically stopping you,
I would like to know what
you want to do about it.
If your option is to not
be able to go to the car,
how do you feel?
– So just to give you an image.
You’ve tried to hit me
with both your hands
and I’ve gotten both of your wrists
and turned you around so
I’m right next to your face
as I’m holding you constricting.
You don’t know.
You haven’t seen a dead body.
You don’t need to see this
okay, I’m sparing you.
– Your greed is sparing no one.
These people have died and
we have stolen from them.
– They’re dead.
We don’t need this stuff and we do.
– Well I have someone
that I got to answer to
when this is all over and
I know where I’m going,
so you can hold me down, but
I am still gonna close my eyes
and say a mantra for these people.
– I am saving you from seeing
these people behind
your eyelids every night
before you go to sleep.
– Well, you’re the one who’s
not gonna be sleeping after this.
– Fuck see if I care and let her go!
– So as Oliver storms off and Mary Beth
does what she feels like is
absolutely her right to do
for these people you take this opportunity
to watch as this confrontation goes off
and that is the moment when you start
to feel movement below your feet.
The ground is sliding ever
so slowly beneath you.
– Guys, guys, guys, guys,
I think is this a mudslide?
This is a mudslide.
I don’t know.
– We need to go down with
it, you go with a mudslide.
– What if we get in the car?
We gotta get in the car?
– If we get in the car then
we’re trapped in a car–
– It protected them.
– It won’t happen twice.
I say we go with the mud slide.
You swim it like it’s the surf.
– What?
– That’s what you do.
I saw it on a show once.
You swim it like it’s surf.
– What?
– You swim with the mud slide,
you swim and stay on top.
– No, we’re gonna get covered by mud
and we’re gonna suffocate.
– It starts to move now a little more.
– I jump in the car.
– I jump in the car.
– I’m gonna follow.
– Okay.
– I’m getting in the car too.
– So you all come together at this point
as this plan and Elliot launches into it
you all jump into this car
as you start to hear the
(mimics slurping) pounds and pounds–
– Roll up the windows!
– And pounds and pounds of
mud just now start to push,
before even the mud you can hear
the creaking and the bending of the wood
as the weight and pressure of this earth
is now starting to bend
the trees around you.
You can hear the snapping of
whatever leftover branches
are on these stripped piles of wood
as the metal bends ever so slightly
from the pressure that’s
being put onto it.
You just see this thing start to slide
from the little bit of
the shattered window
that you can see in front of you
you start to see movement as you just all
are just barreling down.
– I put on my seatbelt.
– Mm-hmm.
– I know what you’re trying
to do and I appreciate that,
which is why I’m letting you roll
for the structural
integrity of this window.
– I’m really bad.
(group laughs)
– No successes.
– Oh crap, no successes.
– Which means we end this.
All right, we have nine truths
in which to speak about
the story moving forward.
What is going to happen is
we now have an opportunity
now that this scene has ended,
we are going to speak nine
truths about this story
right now and that can be
anything about the context
of what is happening right now.
It can even flash forward a little bit
or it can be something
around the greater story,
the context in general, all right?
So if you’d like normally Elliot,
since the conflict failure was on the roll
that you made I would have you speak
the first truth as a
little bit of here you go
for the benefit of it, but
if you would like an example
I am happy to go first.
– I could use an example.
I kind of get the concept,
but I just want to make sure
I’m speaking in the right tone.
– Sure, absolutely, so the first truth
and there is nine of these
because there is nine candles left.
The first truth is of
course the world is dark,
but the first truth that
we will speak for this
is that the mudslide carries you down
to the bottom of the mountain.
And then we would go to Eve.
– Are we doing it or is that the example?
– Well, that’s actually a good point.
– I’ll go ahead.
– Go ahead.
– I’ll go ahead.
– Sorry.
– The car fills with mud.
– That’s it, that’s all you need to say.
The car fills with mud.
that takes you to the
bottom of the mountain.
– We can now see the bottom
of the closest monolith.
– The car still runs.
– Oh ho ho ho.
One two three four, Mary Beth.
– Hold on, we can now
see the closest monolith.
– I’ve never had anyone write down.
You’re gonna be writing a lot of truths.
– Yes yes.
– I just want to make sure
I don’t forget anything.
– The car still runs.
– And you can piggyback off of anything
that’s already been said or
do something completely off.
– I see a boat.
– You see a boat.
Back to you Elliot.
– We’re not alone down here.
– Excellent.
You have
about a foot of mud on top of the car.
– There are lights on in the boat.
– And I think that leaves
you with the last one.
– Last one?
The child is still alive.
(group laughs)
– I’d like to restate like Xander.
– Sorry, it’s what came to mind.
I was like that’s interesting.
– Huh.
– Okay.
So we start back with
nine dice for this scene
and we
we start inside of the vehicle.
You are inside of this SUV.
– Bless you.
– Because of the integrity of the window,
it broke and mud did start to
pour inside of this vehicle
because you were all moving
at a certain velocity
going down at God knows
at what kind of pace
you were attached to.
The relative spread seem to mitigate it
just pouring in constantly,
so it was trickling down,
but since you were all moving down so fast
it didn’t really start to come on in full
until you finally rested and settled.
And all of you just scream
as you’re just riding
this cable car of hell
down this mountainside
with all of the mud around
you as you barrel towards.
Once everything starts to settle,
it’s at that moment that you realize
that there are not four screams
inside of this building,
but there are five screams
that are coming in here
and one of them is so
high pitched and wailing
that you are just aghast
at what’s happening
and you can see the small
blanket in the car seat
start to wiggle and move.
The mud is pouring into the window now
at a pretty consistent rate.
What do you do?
– I immediately go to the baby.
– Yeah.
– And I take a blanket
and I slowly pull it down
and give a hopeful look
on my face and I know that
I don’t speak the language,
but I’m just looking at this child
and I’m going it’s okay, it’s okay
and I’m looking for bruises.
I’m looking for bleeding
for any limb of the child
that could be broken for any
physical damage of this child.
– The child is terrified
and even your comforting
face is just not enough
to keep it from where it is.
It is ashen gray, but it doesn’t seem
to be bleeding or anything broken.
The car seat, for what it’s worth,
protected the child very well.
It seems to be about 18 months old.
Besides being very wet
and you can tell that it is soiled,
that is all you know.
– So I immediately I’m
now holding the baby.
– Just grabbing–
– Physical contact,
skin to skin comfort.
– You have the child as you hold onto it
with all of your might.
– So as this car has been going down,
you two had kind of made
your way to the back seats
where the people are.
We’re up in the front.
I thought you had gotten
into the driver seat,
but it turns out that
I’m in the driver seat
because it’s pinned.
– It’s stuck.
– As we’re falling down and
we hear all of this happening
I see the dome light at the top,
it flickers on and off
and something is like
wait a second it has battery?
As things are filling up,
I try to start the engine.
(groans) I got this.
I’m a truck driver.
Hey, hey.
Hey, a one and a six.
– All right one one and a six.
– Yeah.
– I don’t have a dice to roll,
so you have full narration
rights over this situation.
– Yay, okay so it’s just constantly
(mimics car revving) and
finally it starts running.
The engine turns over.
– Oh my God!
– But I can tell that it’s
not long for this world,
like it’s full of stuff.
It’s barely barely running,
but I slam my foot on the gas
and it’s enough to sort of
create this splash of mud
and things going past,
so we’re not going anywhere,
but the spinning tires
are making this path
so the mud has stopped coming in.
We’re still pretty full up in it.
– You can feel it
especially because it seems
the traction of the mud is not great.
It’s more fish tail against force
that is in front of it
than pushing forward,
but you can tell that as
long as you’re keeping
that accelerator down
and you can see the RPMs
are jumping up.
– You see smoke.
– Smoke, we’re in mud,
you need to turn it off.
That’s gonna give us monoxide poisoning.
– Six, seven–
– Listen, we’re
gonna get buried if we don’t
stay afloat somehow okay?
– Then let’s just get out of here.
– Just hold your breath.
– What’s your plan?
– Look, check the radio,
see if there’s anything.
Then let’s get out of the car.
– Yes, check the radio.
– Do you want do that?
I’m kind of busy.
– All right I slam the power button
and try to find a station.
– Oh my.
All right you just are hitting seek
as things are going through
and precious seconds are happening
as you watching the spinning
numbers just trail through
and then you make the
decision to swap into
another FM too and then you watch
as the numbers are trailing through.
Then you hit it again
and you slap it to AM
and you watch as the numbers
trail through and it stops.
And you just hear this vibrant ethereal
almost bone-penetrating hum
that just is inside of your body
and you can hear it just (hums).
And there’s something something
inside of this humming
and you can hear it, you can hear it Eve.
It’s just on the edge
of your consciousness.
You can tell there are voices somewhere
buried deep within that static
and you can’t put your finger on it.
– This is wrong.
This is wrong.
Get out, get out of the car.
– Get out?
This is a mudslide.
– We have to get out, we
have to get out of this car.
He’s right, this is
wrong, this is all wrong.
– I’ll shut it off.
– Okay, you shut it off and you can see
that actually for a
moment you were starting
the mud that was in front
of you and the front door
and the baby is still
wailing this whole time,
but you can see in front of you
that the mud is slightly lighter
than it is with the darkness behind you.
You aren’t far from the top.
– We made it back up?
– You’re not back up.
I’m just saying you’re not far
from the top of the mudslide.
– Oh oh oh.
I thought you meant Mt. Fuji.
– No no no, my bad.
– I see I see.
– The truth is that you’re at the bottom,
but you’re at the top of
the rest of the mudslide.
– We can bust through this, so let’s go.
– It’s settled down?
– Yeah, the mud has started to settle,
there’s not mud oozing in,
because it’s extremely viscous.
– The more that it oozes,
the longer that it is
gonna take to get out,
the more calories we
burn, the harder it is,
let’s go, let’s dig out, you’re first.
You’re in the front seat.
– Okay okay.
– Climb out.
– Yeah.
– Climb out, climb out,
climb out of that mud.
First out.
– No successes and two ones.
– Zero successes.
– I got a I hate this mud
I hate getting dirty thing.
– Take your two ones.
– Oh no!
– Two ones again?
– Oh no!
– Oh no!
– Oliver Cash.
– You’re so evil right now.
– I know, I know.
– What is happening in
your eyes right now?
– Just the scene has ended.
– No successes.
– No successes.
– Already.
– The scene ends.
I did not expect that.
– Wow.
– Let’s speak some truths
about what has transpired.
We have eight now in which to work with.
– We can move forward in the story too.
So we can say along the lines
we got out fine and we’re
now you can if you want
you can live this moment too.
– You could live this moment too.
– I believe you start since
you screwed the pooch.
– That’s right.
– It is yours now Oliver.
– Okay, we mm-hmm, mm-hmm okay.
We know these things to be true.
The world is dark.
– The world is dark yes thank you.
– And the baby is fine.
– The baby is fine, right.
Mary Beth you get to begin the next truth.
– When everything was going on in the car
before we got out of it I was just looking
towards the boat and I saw shadows.
– So there are shadows
outside of the mudslide?
– On the boat?
– On the boat.
– Okay, shadows on the boat.
– We’ll keep there yes, Elliot?
– We find a little let’s call it a cave.
– Yes, you find a cave, are
we I’d like to establish
that if you want to get
out of this mud slide
a truth will have to be spoken,
because otherwise we’ve ended the scene
with Oliver attempting to climb out
from the car at this moment.
– We get out of the car.
– Okay.
You already established that
you’re at the base of the monolith.
We’ve discussed that.
The shadows are Them.
– You had to say shadows.
– After exiting the car
we’ve set up a small camp
away from the boat because
we’re not sure what’s in it.
– Okay, so I’m sorry
that was we have seven.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– Yes.
– The boat is close enough to swim to.
– Right, swim in mud.
– Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm.
– Or wade, all right and
I believe we are at seven?
– Six.
– Yes, this will be seven.
– I know.
– I just want to say
I’m so scared.
(group laughs)
Can I say I found a machine gun?
(group laughs)
– All right.
– Or like a bomb or like
a thing one of these?
– A grenade.
– Can I say found a
I found a grenade.
– You found a grenade.
– I’m not holding though
because I’m having a baby.
– The tenacity, the desire
to have that duly noted.
– Thank you I found one, a grenade.
– Great.
– A grenade.
– Only Mary Beth and I
know about the grenade.
– Why go back?
(group laughs)
– I haven’t been blown up.
– What, I would never.
– Oh right.
– Yeah.
– That leads us to our next,
which I think it’s appropriate to say
that the little camp
you that you have set up
is actually directly
on top of the vehicle.
So you’ve managed to at least climb up
and the car has settled and
is a stable enough structure
that the roof that you are now on,
both the trunk of the roof and the hood
stable enough that you
can sit there and rest
and absorb basically what has happened.
Because everything you’ve
attempted to in and around
if we’re talking about the
boat being in swimming distance
this mud is like quicksand.
As soon as you step
into it, it just starts
immediately absorbing you
and it took a couple of strong hands
to pull up whoever was first
to venture into that space.
The monolith is within throwing distance
of where you are right now.
– What does the material look
like that we can see it with?
– Since it’s within throwing distance,
you’re looking at it, it is
a almost like chilled onyx.
It is a hard lime making each one of its
and there is no windows no doors,
nothing that you can see.
You can’t tell how much of the monolith
is buried under the mud at this moment,
since with your dark vision you basically
just see enough of it before it lost
into darkness above you.
But I don’t think anyone has
been this close to one before.
– Since we’ve gotten out of the car
I’ve made my camp little
area on the hood of the car
and I’ve been staring at the
monolith this entire time.
We’ve been there for
maybe an hour or so maybe.
I can see the monolith is
within throwing distance
so I dangle my arms
off the side of the car
gathering debris trying to throw
what I can at the monolith.
– You watch as small
arcs of dissipating goo
just flop into the mud around and it’s
I have to say the picture
that I’m painting in my head
of this just lazy chucking
is quite a contrast to Mary Beth
sitting with this crying baby
on her shoulder at the moment.
– And I’m with you.
Hey I don’t have anything
against you right.
I thought I was protecting you
and I’m sorry for what just happened.
I just want you to know that.
– Are you admitting your
feelings for her right now?
– Maybe, not quite.
– Not quite okay.
– It’s okay.
It’s all right we found life
where we thought there was death.
You and I have no quarrel.
– And we buried the mom so kudos to us.
We need to come up with a plan.
We can’t just sit here and hope
that something’s gonna work out.
There’s something happening on that boat.
I’m not comfortable with it.
I don’t want to be this
close to the monolith.
I want to get off this car
and I’m gonna figure out a way.
– A way to what?
– To get out of here.
– To where?
– This is nowhere.
Let’s go nowhere somewhere else,
somewhere away from the monolith.
– We should hike back up.
We should take over a
stronghold and keep there.
– Oliver, look.
– I know, okay, I know fuck.
– Think how many calories
would it take to get up there?
– Who cares?
– I care because we only have two and two,
3,000 calories between all of us to share.
That would get maybe one of
us about halfway up there.
Going up is a fool’s dream.
– Listen, we’re not gas tanks all right.
We can go.
We have persistence.
We have willpower okay?
I don’t need carbs.
– Do you all even know what this thing is?
This monolith thing?
Do you all know even know
why this is happening?
– It’s cause of all our fucking problems.
– Maybe this is just
how it’s gonna go guys.
I don’t know how are we
supposed to get out of here?
And if we get out of here like you said,
maybe there’s nothing else out there,
maybe we’re the last four people
left on this stupid planet.
What’s the point of going anywhere?
We should just–
– Just what?
– Why are we running away from this thing
that’s gonna kill us anyway?
Should we figured out what it is?
– There’s five of us.
– There’s five of us.
– And you’re more than
welcome to stay here.
I’m gonna take the food
I got out of the car
and I’m gonna take myself
and figure out a way off this car.
– I think we need to leave.
There’s things moving around
here and I don’t feel safe.
– She finally makes sense.
– And y’all need to keep
your voices down when
you have an argument.
– Fine.
– Don’t you think those things can see us?
We’re sitting on top of
this car in plain view
of the big black thingy and
the boat full of scary thingies
and there’s–
– You want to go look?
You want to go see what’s there?
– They can already see us.
– Well I don’t want to
stay in a mouse trap, okay.
So let’s go.
– So I have an idea.
I want to look in the car
and see if there’s a cover
for the tailgate area
and see if that is something
that I can spread out
and disperse my weight and
we can maybe hop scotch it
or leapfrog it from one piece to the next
so we can disperse our way through.
– I see, like–
– Cardboard car seat pull
the chairs out anything.
– Yeah I get you–
– Something to spread around.
– Lily pad.
– Lily pad,
that’s the word I’m looking for thank you.
– I think I can tell you with confidence
that at the very very least
the protective floor mats
that would usually be on all of the seats
that are laid out in
order for you to pull out
and spray it with a hose and
put in back in shiny and new,
these are all in the car
and that will give at least
two people the snow shoe kind of traction
that I think you’re looking for.
– Great, I think Oliver and I should go
get closer to the boat,
see what those shadows are.
I know we think it’s Them,
but we also thought there are
two dead beings in the car.
We’ve been wrong before.
Let’s get close.
You don’t want to go anywhere,
so you get your wish.
You’re babysitting, so Oliver?
– Well what if I want to babysit?
Why don’t you go?
– That’s fine.
– There’s a nurturer and then there’s you.
– You don’t know me.
You don’t know what I’m capable of.
I don’t get a chance to
have that anymore okay.
– Okay.
– Because of this because
the world is over.
– And I am super sorry for that.
The baby’s already bonded.
I think it’s gonna be less
crying, less attention
if we leave the baby still.
You and I can go, you can yell at me
the whole way over there,
you can tell me what a piece of shit
I am every step of the way.
– If you already know it then
it doesn’t have any bearing.
– I look forward to this.
– Let’s hop scotch.
– Come on sixes.
– Yeah, two sixes, no ones.
– Oh finally.
– So I narrate?
– Yeah, Elliot, by all means.
– We successfully hop scotch
our way about 10 yards out
from the boat and I say we
post up here and observe.
Are you good with that?
– Yeah, I can’t see anything though.
– Well I can’t see anything either,
but there’s lights on in there.
Let’s just wait and just see.
– So you can as you sit and stand
on this stable patch of ground,
you have your collected your mud flaps
to be able to do your
movement the way you need.
You look at and you can see
this tiny glisten of light
that is coming from this boat,
this tiny emanation and it
seems like almost a halo
of just safety, it’s just
there’s something so secure
about seeing electric light
that’s still coming from anything.
As you look into it,
the dancing light between your
night vision and what that
candle is able to give you is you can see
there is movement in the mud.
Something is swimming around the boat
and it seems every once in a while,
you’ll watch something
crest out for a moment
as it’s making some kind of dive.
And then it will come up and it’s just
the sound that it makes
as it moves into this mud
is like a mix of vacuumous
popping as it comes down
as it pops ones of its bubbles.
Then just this slick as
if someone is just taking
a piece of steel wool and
just rubbing it up against
a dish just this grating sound.
It’s impossible to tell
what exactly it is,
just they seem to be not
they seem to be attracted to the boat
but are not going on the boat.
– I didn’t know they could swim in mud.
– I didn’t know anything
could swim in mud.
I didn’t know anything could happen.
I didn’t know monoliths could
shoot out of the ground.
– Eve how are we feeling right now?
Are we still just enjoying
a little flick session?
– I’ve–
– Or are we having deeper
thoughts right now?
– After arguing with everyone and hearing
how they still want to survive,
it made me feel confused.
I go over to after the two have left,
I’ve gone over to Mary Beth.
So Mary Beth I know you’re
super into Jesus or something,
you seem like you really,
really believe in it.
This is something this is real for you.
– Absolutely.
– How do you talk to your gods?
What do they sound like?
– It’s like a stillness in your heart.
It’s a calming breath
every time in and out.
There is a purpose for
us, don’t you see that?
We’ve been chosen.
We’ve been saved and we found life here.
– I only see that we had very strange luck
and the voice that I’ve heard–
– No, what you think is
luck I think is fate.
You understand?
– It doesn’t feel super good
this fate of yours and–
– You know what didn’t feel good?
When God gave his only son.
That didn’t feel good, okay,
but there are a reason for that.
That’s why we are here.
Do you want to pray?
– No, I want you to listen to something.
– Okay.
– I go down into the car.
I turn the key just to the electric sound
and I want to play that sound for her
to see if she can hear it too.
– All right.
– You play the tone and it is
the static that I described
earlier as coming into it.
Not much has changed Eve
from what I tell you about,
it’s just that edge of consciousness,
there just seems to be something.
Maybe it’s your imagination.
Maybe it’s something there,
but there is something and it’s not static
like you would expect because
static would just skip over it
in this but there is a signal.
It is a hum and it is perfect.
It just like a harmony that is resonating
and for you it feels a bit abrasive.
It just feels it’s uncomfortable.
There’s some familiarity to
it, but it is uncomfortable
and then Eve for you it’s alluring.
It’s hard to put your finger on it.
– Turn it off.
– Can’t you feel something
wrong or different–
– Turn it off, turn it off.
– About this?
No listen I turn it higher, listen.
This is I think this is Them.
I think this is whatever
trying to destroy our world
or already has.
Maybe they can communicate.
Maybe we should be communicating.
– You want to communicate with that?
– Well running away is doing nothing.
– What are you gonna do are you gonna hum?
What are you gonna do?
I’m not communicating with that.
– It starts to get to the
point of where the battery dies
by the way and the humming
cuts out immediately
and you are back into the stillness.
You cranked it so loud
that you made the baby start to cry again,
but it stops abruptly and you
are both left in the silence
on top of the vehicle.
And when you cranked
it up for that moment,
that moment for which you lifted it up,
you two could hear it
from the 10 yards away
that you were there and–
– I look back.
– And you look back to
hear their loud humming
and their arisen voices.
Now the baby is starting to cry
and you also see that what
was swimming around the boat
just to feel as something
just (mimics slurping)
and you watch as something tall,
but it’s just a shape, a single shadow
just lists itself out of the mud
before it just it’s just slides
back down into the muck again.
For a moment, as you looked at it,
there was something
fucking human about it,
like it just heard something
and it just starts diving into the muck
and the other one that
you felt was flying around
if there was another
one, just other shapes
that were there they
just dive under the mud
and seem to disappear from
the boat’s general direction.
– Let’s get on the boat.
– What, we gotta get back!
What are they doing?
– Who cares let’s get on the boat.
We can go back to them
after we get on the boat–
– You sure?
– They’re fine.
They’re on the hood of the car.
Nothing’s gonna happen to them.
– It’s so loud though.
– They’re gonna be loud here on the boat.
What would you rather have,
them distracting whatever
fish man–
– Fine fine fine fine.
– Let’s go.
– You’ve hopped and skipped up already,
hip hop skip skip.
– I don’t want the responsibility.
– Do we get on the boat?
– Yeah.
– One six, no ones.
– There you go.
– Wee!
– All right.
(group laughs)
I am nimble as fuck.
– Why don’t you narrate
to me how you get onto this boat?
– So we’re having this argument
and we’re still relatively
far away from the boat,
but we’re on these pads.
We’re starting to tug
on them a little bit,
because this is part of the
process that we’ve figured out.
My foot slips off of the
pad and finds solid ground,
which is unexpected because we
saw them dipping on and out,
but the whole path is totally solid
and so I just take off towards the boat.
– And find solid rock
the entire way there.
– Yeah.
– And you hope straight
into the boat.
– Yeah like vault the railing.
– Yeah and you get in there
and if this was another world
it’s actually so pristine and nice,
I mean there are still pools of water
with it being carried out with what it is,
but you could be fishing
outside of Santa Monica Pier
at this point and it’s torn up.
Everything is soaking
wet, but it is a boat
and the light is on.
– And there’s a door, so–
– After you.
– Let’s open the door
and go inside the cabin.
– Fine.
– Okay, after me.
I open the door?
– You’ve and Mary Beth
after this silence
confronted and you now hear
the baby continuing to wail.
You watch as whatever 10 yards away
is still probably within your dark vision
to be able to see both of them
just take off for the boat
and what’s going on in
your mind right now?
I’m sorry I didn’t mind to
interrupt this discussion
you two were having, but
are you still feeling it
as this point are you relented even–?
– I have a question.
Or are we unprivy to that?
– Unprivy to that information.
– It’s for the best.
– I have sort of made up
my mind about figuring out
if the thing is destroying us is sentient
figuring it out whatever it is.
I’ve made some sort mental
decision about that.
I haven’t said anything about it though.
Mary Beth what are we
gonna do with this baby?
I mean how are we gonna keep it alive?
How are we gonna keep any of us alive?
What are you planning to do with it?
– Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes, like we’ve been doing.
We’ve made it this far, look around you,
you see anybody else?
We’ve made it this far.
We can make it a little bit farther.
– To where?
– To where we create.
This can’t be just all it is.
– I think we need to find out
what is still here to even
enjoy in this world anymore.
It looks there’s nothing left,
just this boat and this weird monolith.
– Oh my God, Eve, listen.
I don’t have time right now to comfort you
and comfort this child, okay?
I’m sorry I don’t have the energy for it.
I’m hungry.
I’m cold.
I want the two men to get back.
I want to figure out what’s our next step,
but I don’t want to sit here
and have a Freudian conversation with you.
I’m sorry.
I know it’s not polite.
– And at this point is when you start to
at least feel more than
see a displacement of mud
as it’s slightly rocks
the car that you are on
at the moment.
– Eve are you seeing that?
– Uh, I think it’s moving.
I think it’s moving, it’s moving again.
– What do we do?
Do we get back in the car?
– Get out of the car?
– Get out of the car?
– Are you going–
– There things
swimming outside of the car.
– I want to see if I can find
the spare tire under the car.
Usually it’s under the
trunk under the thing
or it’s attached to the
outside of the back of the car
to detach it so it’s like a little floaty
for us to sit on and get out of there.
– Tubing.
– Tubing.
– And put an actual spare tire on there.
Okay, I don’t think that’s too difficult,
so you dive back basically
in order to go and get this thing.
At that moment, actually just
give me a second to think.
– I would also just like to say I’ve taken
my coat off and I’m tying the baby around?
– Like a hoist?
– Yeah, but like hard,
so if I have to jump, this kid is secure
and I can use my limbs.
– That’s good, just give me a second.
This is important.
Okay, Eve you back and dive into this car
in order to rummage this
last just piece of tire
that is in front of you as
you hold onto it and grab it
and you start hauling it up.
In the mean time, Mary Beth
as you’re securing this child
with every ounce of effort
that you possibly can,
you see something something
a light coming from the monolith
some sliver of of pure iridescent
almost blinding light just opens
as you see it first from
your peripheral vision,
but as you focus upon it,
focusing upon it makes it bigger
to where it almost seems to be a doorway
leading straight into the structure itself
and this is the thing you notice
as a large semi-sectional creature–
– No, wait no!
– Lifts itself up out of the mud
with tiny tentacles coming
out of its each side
and you see a long open row of teeth
that just is glistening
as it stares at you.
– Yeah and you want to know what I do?
– What do you do?
– I hit a high C.
(group laughs)
I hit a high C so loud that
it hurts this thing’s ear
and I have my fingers over the baby’s ears
and I am wailing that’s what I’m doing.
(group laughs)
– Black canary.
– Fuck.
– Ooh.
– Oh, you know
what I see two sixes.
Good luck.
– No!
– Oh no did you fail?
– Yeah.
– It’s ears are bleeding
and it gets back into the ground.
(group laughs)
– So you hit a note that is
so almost above human hearing
that you can possibly strike
and as this thing gleams
and looks down upon you
you watch as it just starts
to rock back and forth
as it just something about
the tone that you have hit
and it’s wailing and as it’s moving,
the radio turns back on and
that humming just starts
to irradiate across everywhere again
and you feel this thing
dive back into the mud.
You feel like for whatever it happened
for whatever the moment it was
that perfect combination
of those two things
seem to have driven it for the moment
but not before it’s flails slap the side
of the car as it makes
its escape away from you
and sends you toppling into the mud.
– Okay.
– I’m glad you approve.
(group laughs)
– Yes, this is good.
– All right.
– Meanwhile back at the ranch.
– Yeah yeah.
– So the boat has been pretty much
picked clean at this point?
Like there’s not–?
– It’s been picked clean
not necessarily because someone
has completely looted it
but also because–
– The ocean looted it.
– Right, yeah.
– Yes.
– So there is some water-logged life vests
and some water-protected materials
that you could look for inside
of the seats potentially
but as far as what is out
for view it is stripped.
– I want to find a pair of water skies.
(group laughs)
– Yeah.
– I don’t find a pair of water skies.
– Thank you.
– That was hurtful.
– Oh oh no success, oh.
– Before we establish the truths
I would like to point out that
Mary Beth creating this distraction
or deterrent is probably more accurate
as whatever was in this mud has slid
away from the car is now
barreling straight towards the boat
and it has no discernible desire
to try to go around it.
And that is the truth
that I would like to speak
after of course saying the world is dark.
– Seven this time correct?
– Seven.
– And we can be anywhere in time,
but like that time more forward.
– Oh yeah.
– Just letting you know.
– Question.
– Yes.
– The truth that
I’m gonna say can’t involve their world
because I don’t know their world.
– You can’t involve their
world yes absolutely.
I remind you that I know
that you gave yourself
weaponry and the last
time you did this truth,
I just want to remind you that 10 Candles
is not a game that you
can win, just a reminder.
– Okay, like you think that.
– But yes, Elliot well you start off.
– Boy, I’m disheartened.
I’m able to find some
baby food.
– Cool, great.
I already spoke mine.
– We
Mary Beth and I have safely escaped
the car on two tires that we found
and we’re just peddling
our way towards the guys.
– Yes.
– Great, found the tires.
– After reuniting I
secretly kill the baby.
– What?
– But only one of you
knows that I did that.
– All right.
– Yeah.
– Seriously why would
you like even do that?
– We’ll talk about it later
if you ever find out that I did that.
– That’s horrible.
– I know.
– Well you’re up next
Mary Beth with your truth.
– We make it into a cave.
– You make it into a cave.
– Into a cave, yes.
– Absolutely.
– We’re able to find start a fire.
This is the last one to you?
– I think so.
– Oh yay.
– That light only you can see it.
– Oh wait in the monolith?
– Yes.
– I have a quick question.
Who knows what you did?
Did we establish that in the story?
– Eve knows.
– Oh, okay.
– So I’m just holding a dead baby?
– No no no, I’ve gotten it
away from you at some point
and hold it and did it in secret.
– And it died.
– But the baby has died.
We are aware it died.
We just don’t know that you killed it.
– Yes.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, you think it just died
of natural causes I guess.
– Yeah I suffocated it.
– Oh God.
– So we pick the thing back up
with now seven candles
in sight of the cave.
At this point, Mary Beth and Elliot
you are aware that the child has succumbed
and is no longer breathing
as you aware of
this small aura of light
that you have generated
at part of this camp fire
that you have in a small overhang
that is basically generated.
It’s not so much a natural cave formation
as it is a spill off
of ruins from the city
that have managed to block the mud enough
that you can well you’re
basically standing
on the ruinous floors of
probably an upper rise condo
at this stage that is
completely surrounded
by the spill off from Mt. Fuji.
Mary Beth where are you
in this cave right now,
this makeshift hovel that
has a small amount of light?
– I’m not in the cave.
I’m so upset that we lost this child
and I just don’t want to do anything.
– So you’re just standing
outside of the entrance?
– Yeah, I’m lost at this moment.
– Elliot?
– I’m eating baby food.
– Eve?
– I’m trying to make my way into the condo
to see if I can find
anything, any supplies
or people or anything at all.
– I’m helping.
We got to keep focused.
– So you two are scrounging
through whatever you can.
You’re continuing to look through
and it is quiet, this moment
that you all shared on the car
it seems almost surreal.
The only remnant being
what has now been lost
and it’s just surreal that
just so short of a time ago
you were back up on this hotel
at the top of Mt. Fuji
and everything could have been normal.
And now you’re at the
base of this muddy ruin.
Oliver and Eve you
continue to look through,
is there anything specific
you’d like to find
or is it just food and gear and things?
– I am looking for survival gear
so something like or I
guess kind of aquatic gear,
so not water skies but maybe like–
– You’d like something that could help you
navigate the mud.
– Yes.
– Because you did have a boat
and now the boat is gone.
But if you’d like something
that will help you in the mud,
go ahead.
– Okay.
– Two ones no successes.
– Guys.
– Oh no.
– Are you–
– Are you gonna
burn something?
– Oh yeah, yeah.
– Yes, yes, yes.
– All right.
Let’s take your virtue and
let’s have you roll it.
– Please, please otherwise
the chapter is over.
– Please.
– No.
– They add up to six.
(group laughs)
– I’m sorry.
– No successes.
I still would like to hear
an act of selflessness
that’s in this process even if this thing
has completely failed and it has in fact.
This is a more somber moment in time
this scene that we’ve
established than anything else.
I still want to hear
some, some kind of
selflessness come from Eve.
– Oliver and I have been
down looking through
the inside of the condo wordlessly.
I know we don’t really get along,
but now that the baby is gone,
I feel like having less of us
is worse than anything else
I’ve felt so far.
We’re digging through, I find a door.
It looks like a closet door,
so I figure there might be supplies in it.
I can’t open it so I make Oliver go do it.
– Yeah, yeah, I jump at the chance.
– As he’s opening it,
just he’s standing on the
wrong side of the door
just a bunch of metal and boxes and debris
because there’s a whole in the
ceiling from somewhere else
just start to pour out
and I think about saving him
and I just push him out of the way,
but by doing that I get caught–
– You get caught.
– I get stuck.
– Right and it falls on you instead.
– Yeah.
– Okay.
I think that is a great way to
pick up as we end this scene.
– Oh God.
– Sorry.
– We are now down to six dice,
– Six truths.
– Six truths.
Six candles and Eve we
get to start with you.
I am perfectly okay by the
way that being your truth
if you’d like it otherwise
you’re welcome to speak a new one.
– I think a new one is that
we make it back out of the condo,
except I
can’t use my left arm anymore.
– So you’ve broken your arm?
– It appears broken.
– So your truth is your arm is broken.
– Yep.
– My truth is that I manage
to make a hasty sling for you
so you’re able to because
you did that for me.
– Right, Mary Beth?
– I saw the light go back on.
– Right, you can see it from the monolith.
– Wait was it flickering
or it went on and it ended?
Or it’s been on this whole time?
– Oh, it’s been on this whole time.
Oh okay then no, that doesn’t work.
– If that is something
you’d like to truth though,
I’m perfectly happy having
it come off for the time
in which presumably in the story
it took you to get away from the monolith.
But as you were sitting
grieving and mourning–
– It came back on.
– And you looked at it,
you watched it come back on.
– Yeah, that’s what I want.
– I think that’s fine.
– I’ve managed to find
a large bag full of other plastic bags.
– You found a bag of bags?
– Mm-hmm.
– I have that in my closet.
– Great, a bag of bags.
You’re out of wood.
Last one.
– We’ve had a funeral for the baby.
– Okay.
So we pick the scene
back up after this moment
in which Eve in fact I would say probably
we pick this scene back up
as the funeral of the baby
has ended and Eve is sitting
with this sling over her arm
and the decaying embers of the fire
that you’ve been holding onto
are slowly starting to flicker out.
The sun should have risen by now.
It’s been well more than 12 hours,
but as you look out from
the last vantage point,
you can see it just
seems like as if the moon
is just ever present in the sky.
It’s almost like it’s leering at you,
this pockmarked thing that
while providing you light
just it’s that uncomfortable distance
that when something gets too close for you
and you want them to take a step back.
It feels revolting.
What do you want to do?
– Yeah, Mary Beth can I
talk to you for a moment?
– Mm-hmm.
– And this is right after
the funeral and everything.
I’ll take you aside.
I know that I come across
as sort of I don’t know unfriendly
and I don’t know if you do this,
but I know you’re being religious and all,
can you forgive people?
– I can’t forgive people,
but God can forgive people
and all you have to do is ask.
It’s as simple as that.
– I’m asking you can you forgive people?
– What have you done?
– (cries) I’m a truck driver okay.
I mean the only love that I find
is with other guys at truck stops,
I don’t know their names,
but I’m not a bad person.
– Of course you’re not, that’s fine.
We all find love in human touch and–
– I killed the baby.
– Wha–?
– I had to, okay, you’re not gonna do it.
– Stop talking.
– I had to.
– Get away from me.
Get away from me.
– What chance did it have?
– Elliot, Eve!
– You hear her just crying out.
– Share my emotions. (laughs)
– Do you find hope?
– I guess, speaking them out loud
I guess I’m trying to find
some sort of salvation.
– Oh no, we’re about
to have a witch trial.
– Okay.
– Yeah, Elliot, Eve you
run towards Mary Beth
who is screaming for both of you right now
at the entrance of this
makeshift home that you’ve done,
the darkness now everywhere,
only shed by whatever moonlight is left.
– What what what’s happening?
What’s all the screaming about?
– He needs to go.
– Where?
– Away from us, he needs
to go away from us.
– Why, he’s super helpful.
– You need to trust me.
He is not helpful.
This man is nothing but–
– I do more than you know all right?
– I don’t–
– You did a lot more
than he knows.
Since you’re all feeling good
and juicy from that confession
you just want to say
that heart one more time?
– I thought that’s what
I was supposed to do,
it’s confession, what?
– Oh okay.
God was real clear about
the 10 Commandments
and I think number one was
thou shall not kill okay?
He killed the baby.
– I did you a favor all right?
We can’t keep care of a baby.
Even if we did–
– That was not your
decision to make–
– What world would it
be growing up in this hell hole?
– One that we are gonna build–
– We’re not gonna build shit Mary Beth–
– Stop stop stop.
– You’re not gonna build–
– Stop stop stop.
Look, I get it.
I wouldn’t have done it.
– You get it?
– I get it, I mean–
– I knew.
– I didn’t.
– What?
– I didn’t know that.
– I saw him.
And I didn’t stop him either.
– That is blasphemy.
– It was quick, it–
– You want to sit here and
bow your head for this child.
– No, you do.
– It was quick?
– If you could just
everybody take one step back,
this is so bad in many ways,
but just Eve’s hurt, I’m hungry.
– Oh, I’m so sorry, are
you all still breathing?
Because last time I checked you were.
– Fuck you!
– I am not going on
oh okay great, that’s real lovely.
– I don’t need your judgment all right.
– I’m not judging you sweetheart,
but I am gonna tie you–
– We are all making
hard decisions here.
– To a tree
and leave you here okay?
– I think everybody should
just maybe find a quiet corner.
Let’s come up with an idea–
– Oh, that’s rich a quiet corner.
– The light is dying okay.
– They’re after us.
– They seem to be after us, they seem to–
– Something’s after you I’ll
tell you that right now.
– It’s after all of us.
– The light when we were by the boat,
let’s just go back to the boat,
when we were by the boat, Oliver,
it that Them didn’t go
near it with the light on.
– Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
– As best I can tell, they didn’t like
your radio sound that
you guys talked about
that I didn’t hear and light.
We are down to our last fire log.
While the baby is pressing,
we are still breathing.
We have to keep going.
We have to survive.
If you don’t know want
to talk to each other,
that’s fine, I’ve worked
with lots of people
that don’t want to talk to me.
It’s cool, but it will take all of us.
So you don’t want to
talk to him, talk to me.
You don’t want to talk to her, talk to me.
I know, I know, but I know.
– All right here’s what
I think we should do.
– Okay.
– Y’all want to move together?
– Mm-hmm.
– You all want to push past this?
Why don’t we go to the
monolith and offer him up
as a sacrifice and maybe we
can get the hell out of here
because something’s going on over here
and I am sure as shit am tired
of just standing around
and waiting for something to come for me.
Let’s just give him to them.
– Fine, if you think
that’s gonna work, fine.
I’m the one that’s brave
enough to do what it takes okay
to save all your asses
why not another thing?
– All right Judas let’s go.
– So we’re traveling to the monolith?
– Mm-hmm.
– All right.
The mud is still precarious.
It had been sometime and
a lot of the moisture
has been sucked out from the mudslide,
but I would still say
it is not a safe path
in which to fully travel, so
are we using the mud
pads and all the pieces?
– I was gonna say I’d
like to try to fashion
some basically mud snow
shoes together out of debris.
– And the plastic bags?
– No, those are for me.
(group laughs)
– That’s fine, so the mud shoes
the little whatever you’ve
been able to get together
and probably at this point
maybe you’ve even found some dry wall
that you can–
– Badminton racket.
– I was thinking a tennis racket.
– Yeah, a tennis racket.
– But I meant badminton because Japan.
– But I think this is
enough that all of you
can make makeshift snowshoes
and start traversing through it.
So as you begin walking,
who’s going in front?
– I’ll take lead.
– You’ll take lead?
– Yep.
– Elliot.
You are walking closer to the monolith
and you have no light all of you
are traversing a dangerous territory
knowing that they are out there.
I want you to know right now very quickly
that every check moving forward
could have deadly consequences.
– If it helps, I do
have the flash light on
for however long it lasts.
– Yeah, absolutely.
– And we have the road flares,
which we haven’t cracked open yet.
– Wait wait wait, at what
point did we get road flares?
– With the kit that we found in the car.
– So you have something–
– Also I can see
everything I don’t need any of that shit.
– I have dark vision?
I have dark vision?
– I would like to go ahead and crack open
a road flare right away.
– Great waste it.
– Great, pop open the road flare and–
– I can’t see Mary Beth.
So this is just checking to see if I can?
– This isn’t checking for anything.
This is a conflict of you
walking towards the monolith
and you will either succeed or fail.
– Okay I am walking towards the monolith–
– With your group.
– And I am super unsuccessful.
– All ones.
– So what this means is
that this scene ends.
– Guys I need to stop rolling dice.
– I didn’t do any better.
– We move on to the next candle.
I don’t mean to take this away from you,
but to make this conflict fail
I’m going to narrate it
and then we will start by
having you pick up the truths.
– It’s nice to know I’ll
still be there at the end.
Go ahead.
– I did say this could have potentially
deadly consequences, I did say that.
Yeah cool great, so–
– It’s decided whatever.
– Whatever it is is decided.
– You all begin walking.
You’ve cracked this road flare
and you have this dark red light
coming around you as
you’re walking towards them
and the light from this road flare
and the small plastic flashlight
that you’ve been able to hold onto,
you are carrying this thing forward
and you see the monolith
and it is getting closer.
I have discussed how it
is a hundred stories,
the width of the Empire State Building,
so as you get closer to it,
just the sheer enormity of it
is starting now to weigh down upon you
as you stare upon this thing,
this alien thing of
which nobody knows about.
As you begin to walk
closer and closer to it,
very shortly off the bat
you can already start
to feel the ground begin to move and crest
and move beneath it, but you keep walking
in a determined pace
and as you move forward,
Elliot suddenly you feel a
bit of the ground come out
from underneath you as your
leg is sucked straight down
into the ground and
you feel the warm earth
pull up to your hip almost.
There is pain, oh God, is there pain
as you can feel your leg being torn apart
and that is where we
will begin our truths,
our truths right now that
we will speak these five
that we have left.
What is your first truth Elliot?
– My right leg is gone.
– There is more than one of them.
– We can all see the monolith light now.
– Okay.
– I cut off Elliot’s
leg with a pocket knife.
– Mary Beth?
– I’m in charge.
– This is the truth.
– Yeah, I’m in charge now.
He’s unclear to fit, you’re a baby killer
and you don’t have any
conscience so I’m in charge.
– All right so we start that right here.
Elliot is screaming as you basically
get down there and start pulling at him
and you can see the leg
and you can see something
is moving the dirt
underneath as you are
basically pulling him out
and like an ant stuck in an antlion cave,
you are just pulling and you feel and hear
the last bit of tissue and bone separate
as you pull him out taking
that last bit of clothing away
with that pocket knife
as you pull him out.
You see Elliot on the ground now bleeding
from various arteries
coming out from his leg.
What do you do?
– I’m just covered in your blood
and spooked by the things that
could come up at any moment
and I’m panicking.
– I take the flare
and I start stabbing it into his leg
to cauterize the bleed.
– Please reality check me here?
Are flares hot?
– Yes, yes.
– It’s still fire.
– Yeah.
– It’s like a waxy
– Cauterize the wound,
Mary Beth.
– Please succeed.
– Please cauterize the wound.
– I see no successes.
– No worries, no worries, no worries.
I am an extremist, so–
– Unfortunately there’s–
– There’s no ones
to re-roll.
– There’s no ones.
– What?
(group laughs)
That’s rude.
– Unfortunately–
– It’s happening so fast.
– Wait, so that didn’t work.
– So that didn’t work
– And then we move on to the next scene,
if there’s no successes.
– Can I ask a question?
– Please.
– So when we when to get
our cards with moments
and then the brink,
the moments we just play it
out and then it’s over or–?
– The moment is played out
while the moment is on top.
– You could get a hope die,
which means you can add a die to any roll.
– I’ve been trying to
get my moment to play
since right after I burned my first card.
It’s been going great.
– It’s hard, okay, okay.
– That’s why he keeps
coming up with these plans
to see them succeed through
and to perfect dramatic failure
continues to see it not pan out.
– Also can you remind me
of the brink mechanic?
Once it’s–
– It’s a full re-roll, not just ones.
Sixes, everything can be re-rolled
and as long as you succeed
you can continue to keep it.
– But you have to play down to it.
– But if you fail, if
you use it and it fails
not only is a candle burned,
you lose your hope die, everything.
– Oh, there’s only three.
– There is four.
– There’s four.
– Okay, no more failures.
– Wait you blew?
– Yep there’s four.
– Actually Mary Beth
this is your first truth.
You get to speak the
first truth of this one.
Yeah, that’s fair.
– We march on and we’re just dragging him.
He’s past out and we’re
just dragging him behind us.
– He’s semi-conscious.
– Okay.
– If you don’t mind.
– Fine, let him feel it, sinner.
– Elliot?
– I’ve taken every painkiller we’ve got.
– Right.
– This guy.
– You are at the monolith.
– Perfect.
– We
you said there was two Theys, two Thems?
– I said there was more than one.
– More than one.
We can hear them, we
can hear their voices.
– You mind if I just slightly?
– Sure.
– You can hear
their voices.
– Oh God.
– Okay, great, we’re there
so our four truths are–
– Dang it.
– Nope.
– Our four truths have been spoken
and now we start our scene.
Oliver has been dragging Elliot
for yards I would even go so far as to say
nearly a mile at this point.
Elliot you are in and out of consciousness
in and out of consciousness,
Mary Beth shoved that thing in there
hoping to cauterize it and
to be fair she did something,
but you are still bleeding
and not only have you
taken every painkiller
that the whole group has
offered at this point,
but you are losing blood quickly.
– Just for visual, does his thigh
kind of look like a popsicle?
– Oh my God.
– If that’s how you’d
like to view it, yeah.
– Or like a peg leg?
– Oh my God.
– So at this point with
what the bone would be
where the knee joint and
since I said it came up,
there is definitely splintered bone
at the very end of what is left
of the charred and still bleeding flesh.
– I don’t know why that’s so good for me.
– I don’t know that so
good for you either.
– Yeah.
– I’m very concerned.
– All right baby killer.
– Okay all right.
– Well yeah.
We basically start this and even though
you’ve been moving taking small steps
just waiting for the next moments
that one of them would try
to take another one of you,
the moments turn agonizing
as you just continue to trek forward
and each crunch on the mud
as it is now dried and cracked.
At this point, it’s almost
like an alien planet.
You are seeing this broken
and cracked plane around you
with this monolith just
sticking out from it.
You hear the soft moans of Elliot
as he continues to move forward
and you stand not two
arms’ breaths away from it.
As we’ve established with the truth
all of you can see this
light that’s coming from it
and it’s blinding.
Now that you’re this close,
you can’t even look directly at it.
Mary Beth you do anyway, you stare at it,
it’s this ingrained in
your irises at this point.
But it’s small,
maybe the size of a door,
what do you do?
– Is it high up from the ground?
Or is it at our level?
– It’s at your level.
– I’m walking in.
– Does anybody have a belt?
– Yeah yeah yeah in my pocket.
– Can I–
– You know what?
Let’s make this last
four candles interesting.
– Let’s.
– It is about 20 feet above you.
– Okay.
– That was gonna be my truth
that a staircase appears.
– I would like to climb.
– It is absolutely sheer.
You know we’ll make it a little lower
so that someone could
ostensibly boost you up
should you need to.
– Well that would be me.
– Yes.
You Mary Beth absolutely try
to go up to the monolith,
but the angle is so sheer
and the smooth cut stone
which it’s hard to tell if it’s stone.
You wanted to press your hand against it,
as if it would be cold
like onyx should be,
but it actually is quite warm.
– Can I fashion something
around it so I can walk up?
– It’s huge.
– It’s a 100 stories–
– Empire State Building.
– All right,
all right all right all right.
– I think Mary Beth the only way for you
to get up there is to
have one of the heretics–
– Well it’s gonna have to be Oliver,
because my leg is broke.
– Yeah.
– You guys are just gonna have to work.
If she wants to go in
there, let her go in there.
– He’s mumbling.
Should anyone listen?
– No.
– Go on Elliot what are you saying?
– I just think this is a bad idea.
I think we should go back to the car.
Let’s just go back to the car.
– Well your resistance is noted
and I think we’re not in charge anymore.
– I think I think this is
what we’re supposed to do.
Nothing else here in this
messed up situation makes sense
except that it’s been calling to us,
it’s been looking for us.
– Mm-hmm.
– You agree?
– Yeah I agree.
– What else are we supposed to do
just run around in circles till
we run out of food and die?
At least we could make some decision here,
find out what’s happening.
– Yeah, before he takes us out.
– So Mary Beth you said
you’re in charge here.
You spoke.
– I’m in charge, listen to me.
– Yeah, yeah, I’m listening.
– I’m climbing up your shoulders.
You’re gonna give me a solid boost.
And then I’m gonna tell
Them to come get you okay?
– Them?
– Yeah.
– Are we allowed to
question your leadership
like with a question that
I want to ask, a question?
– You can speak because you’re done.
– Oh my God.
What happened?
– Oh sweet Jesus.
– And is this boost happening?
– Yeah yeah.
– Yeah.
– I’ll do whatever you say.
– Is the light on?
– Yes, lights on.
– You can all see it now.
– Yeah.
– Yes.
– Yes we can all see the light.
Hon, you might be seeing
a different kind of light.
– Give her a boost.
– Yeah, one success.
– No ones.
– No ones.
– I didn’t use my hope die, that’s fine.
– That’s okay you didn’t need it.
– Can I use that after I roll
or does it have to be initial?
– Technically you should
be rolling with it.
– Okay.
– But–
– It’s a one time dealy?
– No, you get to use it with every roll.
– Another one.
That will help with my
narration rights actually.
– Two sixes.
– Where do you get that dice?
– Because I had my moment
where I confessed my feelings.
– I got two sixes two.
But it is a success, you
do absolutely get her up
so Oliver you stand right underneath
this blaring white light,
which doesn’t actually
seem to be emanating light.
It doesn’t have a spill on either side.
The cut is so stark
and you give her a boost
as you lift her leg up
and Mary Beth you take a hold of it
and you grab a hold of the ledge
and there is well it’s hard to describe.
Let me see if I can put
the right words to it.
– Heavenly?
– It is
warm and it feels as if
there is a threshold right here.
It would impossible you see nothing
beyond what is right there,
just the stark white light.
And it is very clear that the
lip that you are pressed upon,
which now that you’re about 10 feet up
is about this much space,
that there is a threshold.
– Like a force field?
– No, some kind of event
horizon that exists right here.
So you step through?
– Um.
– Oh fearless leader?
– Oh great.
– It is this moment that
you start to look at it.
You came with such resolve Mary Beth.
You came here with such purpose.
You were so confident in being able
to call Oliver and Eve a heretic
as you sat and spat upon
the ground they walked on,
but here right now at this event horizon,
doubt is now creeping into your mind.
– Mm-hmm.
– Is this a test?
Is this a bad choice?
Something is here and
you don’t know what it is
and for once, since the baby has died,
you are scared.
What is it going to be?
– I sweep my arm across.
I look down and I say I think
you all need to see this.
– Are you okay?
– I’m okay and I extend my hand down.
– I’ll go over to you.
– Yeah.
– And sort of boost you up to–
– I get pulled up and am like
all right gotta do something.
– So somehow in someway I describe
this as big as a door right?
You bring her up, looking
down you are helping
to reach her up and as you
bring her hand back up,
you realize there’s just
enough room for now both of you
to stand side by side as you now
are on the threshold together
staring into this light.
– I turn away from Mary
Beth and I look at the light
and I think I have my moment.
– Oh.
– Because being here
avoiding this monolith,
thinking it was the
cause of all our problems
was not a correct.
I believe now that we that
I am supposed to come here.
I can hear them talking.
The voices are louder now
that I’m in this monolith.
I finally have hope for the
first time since this started
and I walk in.
– Eve walks looks at you
and has this look of hope
upon her face one would even say
listless as she takes a
step into the threshold.
Thank you so much for playing.
I really really appreciate you being here
and doing this, your
fate whatever it may be
is completely unknown but I do
know that your story is done.
– What?
– Oh my God.
– Wait come back.
– Wait, where are you going?
I was gonna push her.
Because I thought she was gonna push me
when she was like this.
I’m just gonna be honest about that.
– I appreciate that.
I was gonna push you
too, but I lost my leg.
– (laughs) Popsicle.
This is terrible.
– Mary Beth you stand
on the threshold alone
as you see now that
Eve is gone completely.
– What happened?
– I’m coming down.
– Where’s Eve?
– They took her.
– They well get down, get down.
I’ll motion to get you down.
– Mary Beth slides down and hits her feet
across the ground and comes back into you
and you both meet up.
Elliot are you propped up at this point
against the monolith?
– I’m probably yes at best.
At worst my head’s just leaning
on a bunch of plastic bags.
Fearless leader I have a question.
– Mm-hmm.
– What happened?
– Did it seem–
– Is she dead?
– Well she’s not here is she?
– No, it didn’t.
It seemed actually quite peaceful.
– Maybe maybe it’s what
we’re supposed to do.
Maybe they took pity on her.
– I mean I guess you could
get chomped up like him
or you could walk into the light.
– By the way something erupts the ground
and now it is starting to lift up
and tentacles have sprayed out–
– I’m screaming again. (screams)
I’m screaming again.
– I pull the grenade.
– Yes yes yes.
– All right just hit it the ground.
This impact so dirt just
sprays up everywhere
as you watch as this–
– I tell you guys to hit the deck.
– I hit the deck.
– Oh my God.
– Burn your card.
– I can’t it’s a moment.
– Oh no!
– Well I mean I guess it can.
– No it can’t.
– The moment needs to be fulfilled.
It has to be a success.
– Son of a shit.
– As you calm down you watch
and I have to tell you as you basically
storm up this thing it lifts up
and you see as dirt and
spray cross everywhere.
Something grabs ahold upon
your severed popsicle leg
and it yanks you straight up into the air.
You are lifted up 10 about the same level
where the light was in the air
and you can see this
segmented top creature
with large almost mantis-like pincers
are falling out from its body right now
as it screeches. (screeches)
It pulls you and it starts swinging you
as it’s lifting up and you’re watching
like a retracting cord.
It’s just pulling you up and it slides you
straight into its mouth as
you are completely engulfed.
As you are being slowly
moved into this thing
there is a warmth about
you as you actually
feel the muscles contracting
as it’s pulling you
deeper in, didn’t even have
the audacity to bite you.
It’s just slowly pulling you in.
Something is going through
your mind right now Elliot.
What is it?
– Run.
– And this grenade that you
have pulled to pin onto it,
you watch as it’s being
lifted into the air
you see it cascade down as
it swoops down from your hand
and it spindles off just outside,
but still within blast radius of
where everybody is right now.
– Wait, wait, did he pull the pin?
– Three truths.
– Oh fuck.
– Three truths need to be
spoken and Elliot, Daryl.
– I was gonna say–
– Thank you so much
for playing.
– My pleasure,
thank you for having me.
– I appreciate you being here with us.
– Oh no.
– I’m gonna go call my mom.
Good luck you two.
– Oh God.
– Oh no.
– The first truth before
we speak our truths,
the first truth is that the world is dark.
Normally Elliot would be
speaking the first truth
after this, but since he is
not with us I will instead
speak the first truth.
The light is not coming back on ever.
– The monster has choked
on Elliot’s corpse.
– All right, last one Mary Beth.
– We’re alone.
– The faithful and the heretic together
with the last ends on the
brink of all of creation.
We have three dice.
We have three candles.
Mary Beth, Oliver, this thing
that had come out of the ground
comes and it slithers
back into the darkness
and it’s about to come down
you watch as it seems to urk for a moment
before it slips back
down into the darkness
presumably to its own fate.
And you feel a stillness,
nothing as neither of you move,
too afraid to do anything but
stand and stare at each other.
What do you do?
– I’m sorry.
– I’m sorry.
– We gotta get to that boat, okay?
– Okay.
– We gotta survive for them.
– Okay.
– All right, yeah.
– So you run to the boat?
– Mm-hmm.
– Yeah.
– Flashlight on.
– One success no ones.
Mary Beth tell me how you get to the boat.
– We move quickly and we move together
and we enter onto the boat
and I’m shocked to see how
clean and pristine it is
and the first thing I do is drink water.
We sit down and look at each other
and I say turn this bitch on.
– Even if I could, it’s beached.
We’re on land.
– Then push it.
– You want me to push it out to the ocean?
By myself, a boat?
– I don’t know what to do?
– I know you don’t.
I’m sorry I don’t mean
to take it out on you,
but all right we know that
they’re afraid of light
okay right, from this
boat they haven’t come in
because the lights are on
so we just gotta keep making sure
that the light is on, once
it’s daylight it’s everywhere
right we could go call for help?
We could go back up the mountain.
– Okay.
– I don’t know.
– But I don’t know who’s going to answer
and I don’t know who we’re calling.
– So you’re going to stay on the boat
as close to the light as you possibly can
and just wait it out until dawn.
You sit in silence as you both are basked
in the small dash light
that this boat provides.
Hours pass as night continues
to permeate around you.
About half an hour ago
the flashlight went out.
The battery’s completely spent
and you continue to wait.
– Something’s wrong.
– No shit.
– No I mean something’s
wrong with the sky.
It should have been light
by now and it’s not.
– You’re right.
– Why don’t we start a fire?
– We don’t have any wood left.
– We have the things we walked on?
Don’t you think that’s gonna burn.
– The pads from the car?
– They will not burn.
– All the wood is damp, it’s all wet.
We can’t–
– At this point you can start to hear
the trickling of water
as you look down and
see a small almost as if
how do I put this?
When there’s been a long dry season
and suddenly fresh rain
comes and starts seeping
into the well well a cascade of water
slowly starts to come
and find itself along
the edge of the boat.
– Okay.
Wait there’s no holes in
this boat, like we’re fine?
– I don’t know, I don’t know.
– Well check for holes.
– Check for holes, what are you?
I don’t know anything about boats.
– As you continue to argue
and the water begins to
slowly seep around this,
you feel it begin to sink.
– Okay okay, I got to do something.
Okay, oh shit.
So I look around and I
find that there’s actually
computer paper and stuff
like still scattered around
and I grab whatever
pen or marker is around
and I start to write on
one of the nearby desks.
It starts off things we know are true,
They swim through the mud.
The monolith has a light.
Do not go in.
– Right.
– What else?
And I just start writing this.
– Ooh, this is freaking me out.
– Thank you.
– Hope dice.
– Okay.
One success and one for you.
– You begin to write furiously.
Mary Beth you see–
– They are afraid of the light.
There is a hum in the radio.
– Right.
– Then I roll it all up and try to find
a bottle of some sort like a glass bottle
if I can find one shove it in.
– All right I think I can make that
part of your conflict
that you laid into it.
At this point you start to
see as the water is coming
and it has started to
pour over the railing
that’s now reeling as you
feel the boat lurch down again
and you can see it’s not
water anymore, it’s mud.
It’s just pouring into
the boat, cascading,
over and over again into your receptacle.
– Answer me truthfully are we in hell?
Is this hell?
– I don’t know.
I don’t know.
– It’s what I deserve.
– Oh my God, stop making this about you.
We need to get off this boat.
Now I think we need to get off this boat.
– How?
How are we gonna get off the boat?
You’re gonna sink in the mud.
Tell me what to do just tell me.
– Let’s just try.
– All right all right.
– Let’s just swim as much as we can.
Let’s go back up to the mountain.
– Swim towards where you
remember Mt. Fuji being
as the water continues to slip through.
No successes.
– No ones?
– No ones.
We have two candles left,
two dice and two truths.
The first truth is the world is dark.
Mary Beth swimming for what it’s worth
is well I’m sorry, you
have the first truth.
– I make it out to the mountain?
– Okay.
– Okay!
– With Oliver?
– You’ve one truth you
make it up the mountain.
– Okay.
– I am make it to the
base of the mountain,
but I’m too scared to go up.
– So you swim through the
mud and it is agonizing.
You have to pull each
other the entire way.
The only way that you
can make it is just by
sheer force of somebody
finding enough of a platform
and yanking the other one
with every amount that they can get.
And you pull and you pull each other
until you find some sort of solid footing
back the foothills and the
water is climbing slowly enough
that you just walk up as much as you can.
You Mary Beth and Oliver are
head to toe covered in mud.
There is not a part of
you that isn’t just caked
to the brim with what the
Earth has given around you.
And Mary Beth you walk up the mountain
and Oliver you stand there and you watch
as Mary Beth’s form
continues to climb up this
just monument of cultural
identity and splendor,
knowing that you came here
to do something to better yourself.
What’s going through your mind now
as you’re watching her climb up the hill?
– She deserves it.
She’s a good person.
I’m not a good person.
– So you sit and you feel a little better
about helping her get to this point,
but you slowly slowly let
the mud come up to you.
What’s going through your mind right now?
– I’m too scared to go up the mountain,
but I still have a survival instinct.
It just kicks in, I start kicking my feet
to free myself from the mud.
– And you just stay one
step in front of another
lost like a rat in a cage.
– Help, help, help help!
– Mary Beth you turn around
and you hear Oliver screaming
behind you, he’s down the mountain.
He’s yelling help help whatever he can
and you look down and
you see he’s at the base
just right where the water is rising.
– I go back.
I go back.
– Help, I’m stuck, I’m trapped. (coughs)
I need you to pull me out.
– Do you want to just hold each other?
– No.
You’re good, okay, you’re
a good person and I’m not.
I deserve this and I
deserve whatever’s happened.
– You are a wonderful person.
– You don’t know me.
– I know enough.
Let’s just hold each other.
– No I don’t want that.
– There’s nothing for us up here
and we know what’s down there.
– We don’t, we don’t know.
You gotta live okay?
You gotta live and you gotta promise me
that you’re gonna stop
hurting yourself okay.
I’ve seen it and I’ve seen you do it,
and I know it’s because
you think you’re bad,
but you don’t need God or
anyone else to tell you
that you’re good, but I’m telling you now.
You’re good.
You’re good.
I don’t need help all right I’m good here.
You go back up.
You find a–
– I need help.
I’m the one who needs a little help
and I would love some help from you,
so why don’t you quit
telling me what I need
and what you think you think I’m doing
and let’s just have one
last moment together.
– No.
Pull me out, pull me out of this thing.
If you’re not gonna go,
I’m gonna carry you okay?
This is not how it’s ending.
I’m gonna try to get out.
– Get out, get out of the mud.
Because at this point between the talking
that both of you had it
is risen up to your waist
at this point and it just
creeping slowly closer.
– Okay, okay, I’m gonna
burn a decisive trait
to re-roll that one.
– Re-roll that one, roll it.
– Okay so I have a success.
– One success.
– No ones, just letting
people know what my brink is,
I have seen you kill a local
and so that’s what that was.
– Saw me kill a local?
– Eve saw me kill a
local, so she’s the one
that saw me kill the baby.
– You monster.
– I know.
– So you (coughs)
you say pull me up and
she may have her hand out,
but it’s more you than her at this stage
as you just put your hands there
and just push yourself out of the muck
as you climb out and
you grasp ahold of her
and you pull yourself up her arm
as you both come into
an embrace, a muddy full
just earthen embrace.
– Come on.
We don’t have enough calories.
Let’s get up this mountain.
– Okay.
– So you both walk and you both walk
and you walk and you walk
and not much changes in the skyline.
It is just broken tree after broken tree
as a lot more rock after
the mudslide exposed,
but it does seem like hell.
There’s nothing, no trees, no expanse
you can’t see high enough up the mountain
to know how just far down you are.
And the mud caking you has
turned your body so cold,
the wet, wet cold that is clinging to you
and you just keep climbing.
What do you want to do?
– I want to find a moment of peace for us.
I want to just sit on a rock
and find a moment of peace.
– Let’s do it.
– Wait wait wait wait.
– Yeah, you got that one.
– I’m an extremist.
– A zealot.
– I baptize them.
– Roll it.
– I roll the one?
– Roll the one, just the one.
– Oh, still not a success.
– But it’s kind of.
– But but but I totally
want this baptism to happen.
I totally want this baptism to happen,
but I’m gonna take liberty to this.
It’s still a failure.
That’s okay, that’s okay,
because this candle is gone.
There are no more truths
that can be spoken.
There is one candle remaining,
the only truth that can be
spoken is the world is dark.
Mary Beth, you continue
to climb with Oliver
as much as you can and at some point
you just have this thought
in your mind about what to do
and you stop him and you look at him
and what do you say?
– Have you been baptized?
– No.
– You know what I think?
– What?
– I think I should baptize you
and I think you should re-baptize me.
– Now, here?
– Yeah, here now.
We’re at the top of a mountain.
– As both Mary Beth and Oliver,
you Mary Beth brings you down,
she has a smile on her face.
There’s this just pleasant
knowing and understanding
that’s what she’s about to
do is the right thing to do.
Oliver, there’s a weird
sense of peace and knowing
that this is
odd, what is about to happen,
you’ve never been baptized.
But just the harmony of it,
just the poeticness of it is
all that really stays with you
as you turn around and stumble.
It doesn’t take long to get
where the water is rising
and the mud is coming again
and Mary Beth you take his head
and you bend his back slowly.
– And I say do you accept
Jesus into your heart?
– Yeah.
– Do you accept that you are a son of God?
– I guess, yeah.
– Then I baptize you in
the name of the Father
and I slowly dunk his head
and in the name of the Son
and in the name of the Holy Spirit
and I make a cross with
my thumb on his forehead
and I say you have been baptized.
– As she lets your head go
as you slowly cast and you feel
the cold, dark mud around you
as you grab her and now
you are both weightless
in this as the footing
underneath has dropped
and as you begin to
slowly bob into the mud
you take her head and
you bring her back down.
– And I don’t pull her back up?
– Well do you do the baptism
or you just don’t pull her back up?
And Mary Beth you feel the
mud come across your face–
– I’m sorry.
– As you slowly splurt
and a bubble comes out of your mouth.
– I’m so sorry.
– Small little bits
and you breathe in reflexively
because there’s nothing else to do,
you reflexively breathe and
you can feel the viscous liquid
just into your esophagus
and into your lungs
and something is going on
in your head at this moment
as you know that he is doing this.
What are you thinking
before darkness takes you?
– I know why he’s doing it.
He is saving me from being
the last person alive
and I just look at him
and there’s definitely
a little bit of panic,
but there’s also a thank
you that’s happening
because I don’t have the strength
to be here by myself.
– And you descend into darkness.
– I take comfort in knowing the last thing
that you saw was the cross.
– Julia thank you so much for playing.
– I’m sorry.
– So sorry, but thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
I’m going to have to ask
you to leave my table.
Oliver as you–
– Now what?
– As you have Julia’s–
– Mary Beth’s?
– Mary Beth, as you have Mary
Beth’s body in your hand,
you can feel her, maybe she grabbed you,
maybe she let go, but no matter what
you know it is done when
that last bubble blips up
from it and you feel yourself treading
in the viscous muddy
liquid that you’re in.
This is not something I would normally do,
but I feel like you have
two fates ahead of you.
You can either succumb to the mud
where Julia is or you can
go back up to the mountain.
– Can I offer a plan B, C?
– That would be a C.
– I find the grenade?
– Oh buddy, the grenade is way down
the mountain at this point.
– Okay, just checking.
– It is so far gone.
– Lots of mudslides and–
– I appreciate your dramatic flair.
– I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Okay, I I’ll make way up.
– You go back.
– Draw that and–
– And I’m gonna make my last stand.
– And you’re gonna stay there
and as you stand in
this hotel with no food,
no water, freezing, sitting on the patio,
looking out to a world.
– And everything every
surface of this hotel
is covered in my blood
writing out these things we know.
They swim in the mud.
They are afraid of the light.
– And you bleed out the last message,
which is what is the last message?
– The world is dark.
– Thank you.
I think that is the end of our story.
I’m going to ask you to leave my table.
– Yeah yeah, used to it.
– There’s one thing left to do
and that is listen to the messages
of our recently departed characters.
Good night.
(ominous music)
– Hey, I guess I’m just
kind of hoping against hope
that you’re the one
that finds this message,
but I don’t even know your name.
I did want to say the late
night truck stop stuff,
it was good and it meant something to me.
I know you weren’t looking
for any strings or whatever,
but the world is ending so fuck it.
I was never really able to
explore that part of myself
you know out in the open.
I just want to thank
you for giving me that.
Anyway, good luck.
(ominous music)
– Oh my.
The whole reason I came to Mt. Fuji
was to find a location for
my clients to get married.
I guess that’s something
I’ve always tried to do
is find the most beautiful place
to make the most beautiful promise
and I never got to find the
most beautiful person for me,
but if there’s anything I can leave behind
in what was the most wonderful world
is that we can always choose love
and we always find love
within one another.
And that’s all that there is.
(ominous music)
– I guess you could say I dream big,
only problem is that I don’t achieve big.
When I was a kid, I
thought I was gonna end up
with the world in the palm of my hand.
I had lots of good ideas.
I just never had anyone to back them up
and I never felt strong
enough to do it on my own.
I don’t know.
Maybe that’s just an excuse.
One time I came up with a doghouse
that was made of reinforced plastics
that opened on the top and you
could store dog food in it.
You know stuff like that,
just making life easier.
I just didn’t take the risk on me.
I just kept falling into the
easiest jobs I could find,
which is how I ended up
being a computer programmer
in this cubicle that I’ll never escape.
(ominous music)
– Hey, I’m Eve Tham.
I’m not sure what I’m not sure
what I’m supposed to say here.
I don’t know.
All these years I tried to work hard.
I tried to be important.
I tried to be famous or at
least good at my day job
and for what?
I’m just a part-time waitress
I couldn’t even afford
to eat at if I wanted to,
but important, famous, rich or not,
we’re all in the same boat now.
The odds of us surviving, winning against
this weird unknown evil they’re not great.
Look, we all have to go some time.
We all have to die some time.
That’s just reality.
That’s normal truth that
we’ve been living with
before this thing came.
Yeah, it’s weird that now
everyone is disappearing
and the end of times is upon us,
but I kind of feel the
most alive right now.
And that’s weird right?
That’s definitely weird.
I don’t know.
I spent all of my life waiting
to become something more,
but now there’s not a lot of time left.
I can feel it.
There is actually nothing left to lose,
so anyway if you’re hearing this message,
hell if you can hear count yourself lucky.
(somber music)
(ominous music)

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