13 thoughts to Survival Gear For Emp Where Can I Purchase At 14:39

  1. How did you become a sere instructor? Seems really awesome and I am interested in learning. Can never have to many survival skills

  2. That pack brings back memories of 1am 35 mile ruck marches at artillery school and my unit deployment training hahaha

  3. Hey JJ. I have a $120.00 budget on a backpack. What is your recommendation on a bug out/wilderness survival backpack? I am looking for 4500 cubic inches of storage or bigger, camel bak slot inside the pack and do you prefer external or internal frame packs. It seems most newer packs are internal frames.

  4. Great review man, most ppl are way into the all new tactical stuff, I'm not a hater but if it was good enough for our vet's it's good enough for us. I have a ALICE PAK, just no frame and mine is from nam and had the wear but a lot of life left *!

  5. Howdy! Just wanted to thank you for all the great tips. I've been putting together some bags for me and other family members, and your insight has been a real help. I just posted a video of what I've put together and wanted to share it with you. CHEERS! My Take On Survival Emergency Packs: http://youtu.be/bDq93m6QNu8

  6. Used Alice pack in the military. . . . use it today for long hikes and campouts. . . durable, dependable, and surprisingly comfortable

  7. Have you seen the Mono Walker that Canadian Prepper reviewed? Its expensive but, seems like a great way to transport gear if on foot.