13 thoughts to Survival Gear For Extreme Cold How Can We Buy At 9:38

  1. Another great video, JJ!
    I loved the torque you put on that while splitting that long red cedar pole. Maybe next time some hard, dry maple or beach for the chopping demo???

  2. wondering if it would penetrate a tire…..hmmmmm. Great vid JJ, Have one and love it. I also agree about a war hammer variant

  3. I agree with what you said about the spike at the end. I was thinking that throughout the video. If it is needed as a weapon, the ax-head is more than adequate, and a hammer would probably do the job as well. Besides, if you don't have a pistol at minimum in the wilderness, when you are away from civilization (and therefore, the police), you are already screwing up.

  4. To show that it's a good zombie killer, pointed end on a bicycle helmet might be a cool test (with color dye water ballon inside).

  5. That poor cabbage…and coconuts…and watermelon. Will this vegetarian slaughter never end 🙁 ? *


  6. Great review. I think hawks are underrated as a survival/camping tool.
    Ie: I would rather cut /split kindling wood. With a sml axe/hawk. Then mess up a blade with battoning.

  7. Hi! Can you please tell me the balance point of this hawk from the butt of the handle?

  8. That many strokes to cut a small branch (around 5.30) really shows that it's NOT a good tool to use out there .. other than if you lack a real axe to use.