15 thoughts to Survival Gear For Hiking Best Brand To Buy At 16:41

  1. Great video and review after watching this I decided it’s not for me, so you saved me some money thanks. I think this is a cool to have gadget if money is no object. Something to chuck in the bag and have a bit of fun with.

  2. The problem with these multi tools is they don't do any one thing well. For a $180 I can buy a decent a hatchet, folding saw knife and machete. Can you imagine trying to loosen a nut with that, darn I need two Klax one metric and one standard.

  3. You spun that as positive as possible. The thing is way to expensive and the only stupider thing is the Titanium version for 600 bucks. Even for the less expensive version you could just buy the proper tools, several as a matter of fact. I'm unsure to question your ethics or common sense. "Not a bad deal" ~ YOU

  4. I have a nice Gerber hatchet that has a knife magnetically held in the handle. It’s a great little emergency tool I keep in my truck.
    I was just waiting for that thing to go flying off into the woods. You can hear that Gimmick rattle around with each swing, lol.

  5. 14.7 Slow down the vid and check out the play in that axe head after little or no use. This is just a gimmick / novelty and wouldn't last 2 mins in the field under minimal use. Whoever is mug enough to buy this piece of junk will tire of it quickly. Personally, I'd rather pack a $20 Fiskars X7 than this rubbish. Avoid – piece of junk (and dangerous)

  6. If that s u r opinion u sir are an idiot .that tool it s total junk and u know it Why u make poor people to use thers hard earn cash on junk?

  7. Not entirely sure that axe head would be safe to use around other people. If it were to come off while in use you could seriously injure someone and in a survival or camping situation where you're potentially miles from medical aid it's just not safe enough. And for the price you can buy far safer and much more sturdy options. Let alone only having the head in a survival situation would mean you'd have to make a handle before you could use it. Which is costing you valuable time and energy. Clever design but not practical in real world situations.