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  1. This is pre rendered in 3D, so if u see double disable 3d in your youtube settings.

    I am not one to particularly rave about a product. But, I thought I would make mention of this one. It is a 10.4A lithium polymer battery bank piggybacked to a silicon crystal solar panel (small, wimpy looking).

    Even though the solar collector looks as wimpy as the rest, there is something going on in there. This sort of device I have examined before was cute and probably a good thing to have on the dash. But they did not have the poop to be serious.

    In the video you see where I have Frankensteined up a white cloud to follow me around. This data tool has a wireless (or wired if u want) LAN/WAN, and drive controller for file hub. This wireless router powers and controls a 2.5 external drive enclosure and has a slot for a standard size SDHC (vid op w/ Samsung 64gb orange/whit 48mbps). assorted OEM cabling.

    This sat on my little drinks in the shade table for 3 hours while I rode around the yard on the lawn mower. On start the Nekteck battery was reading 3 out of 4 lights.

    Over that three hours I rode around, listening to a talk radio program stored on a network computer accessed through the personal router up to the bridged house wifi across to the computer with the radio show. Answered a SKYP for 20 minutes of agony. And a couple of not so unpleasant incoming phone calls.

    So, the router was busy. At the peak it seemed to be drawing pretty close to a steady 580mAh. I did not have the tools or the desire to bash this battery open and direct connect to the solar collector output with a VOM to see just what it was cranking out under full sun.

    Howerver, after 3 hours of busy operation. The battery still read 3 out of 4 status lights. So, I thought "Riiiiiiiiight, lets see how believable those status lights are." I took it inside, chilled down a bit, shot the raw video. Then put the pocket cloud in a window (then after sunset) and proceeded to edit the raw video to remove the ghastly sneezing fit that hit in the middle of recording. Rendered and uploaded.

    Now it is mid afternoon the day after, the pocket cloud sat in the window overnight and got a couple of hours of direct sun before I looked in on it. I was expecting it to be deader than a doornail. Or at best wheezing through the last of four lights waiting for a swap out battery.

    I was really surprised to see it setting on the window sill with four bright blue lights defiantly gleaming up at me.

    IMHO, this puts this little 10400mAh battery on my A list. The output is of course a pair of 2.1A USB2A ports and a USB2Bmicro charging input.

  2. Help! None of the chargers fit my iphonec!!! what to do? I bought one for each daughter – an iphones and 6, respectively – were to be gifts….