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Today on Repairs101 we�re going to look
at a list I�ve been compiling of some of
the most important things to have on hand
when the power goes out � winter or summer.
I�m going to start off with water because
it�s the most fundamental key to staying
Next is food that doesn�t require refrigeration
or cooking � and, hey! Don�t forget about
your friends.
A good rule of thumb is to have three different
ways to start a fire available to you.
If you�re lucky or smart enough to have
a fireplace make sure you have a jag of wood
and / or lumber to burn. A hearth doesn�t
do much if all you have to burn in it are
candles. If you�re going to try the Flower
Pot Heater, be sure and see my video from
last week. They work OK except you�ll need
about ten of them to heat a small room. Same
goes for lanterns. Make sure you have a good
supply of fuel.
Invest in a decent First Aid Kit. You only
need to use it once for it to pay for itself.
You can never have too many flashlights�
unless you forget to stock up on batteries.
I want to mention that you can use barbeques
and camp stoves outside to make coffee and
cook supper on � no matter what time of
year it is� as long as you have fuel to
These �Space Blankets� used with your
own bedding and secured using some duct tape
or masking tape can make a huge difference
in the quality of your sleep.
As can sleeping with a hat or better yet a
balaclava on. Fresh and clean socks, underwear
and whatever else you plan on wearing. I�m
not here to judge.
A radio with a crank generator and a backup
power supply for your cell-phone and laptop
will make the blackout go by a lot quicker.
As will having some sort of �off grid entertainment�
like a deck of cards to pass the time.
Alright thanks for watching and don�t forget
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Survival Gear For Kids Buy Cheap Online

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  1. Good video only thing I’d say is i would be staying away from my iPhone and laptop unless u want the elites who are causing this blackout to find you or hackers find you

  2. More bullshit on prepping yet again you Americans believing everything you hear you nutters .Nothing is going to happen anytime soon .

  3. If anyone is interested in herbal 1st Aid products and kits, let me know. Everything from basic to Master kits.

  4. If you have natural gas, and electrical outages are likely, then IMO it's worth having a commercial motor-generator set. Be sure to test it regularly.

  5. My generator is a great friend when power goes out. I have the panelbox wired to accept the generator so everything is back on within five minutes. That way I’m not dealing with running lead cords that are a tripping hazard.

  6. Before you promote Nestle water, watch Netflix's "Tapped." Nestle is draining MI's Great Lakes NOW!

  7. Your house would get looted so you would be forced to move into the woods.

  8. I'd say solar panels are the best bet in any kind of disaster scenario. They would skyrocket in price when sh4t hits the fan so you can trade them for anything you want😏. And you'd probably need some barbwires and a shotgun to keep them from being jacked 🤔