8 thoughts to Survival Gear For Kids Buy Cheap Price Online At 1:41

  1. Chris have you done any vid reviews comparing multiple sure fire products in one video exposing burn times, spark first test etc?

  2. If you Google Norcalsurvival you can find their website… it's listed at.. WHOAH $5.89?? Hot damn.. I'm buying some as soon as I can.

  3. Great review… Roger makes some pretty great products. I am a big fan of Mini Inferno too.

  4. Great product/review bud, glad my 6yo daughter wasn't watching .. that shout out SOB wasn't to nice lol. Just saying..Usely she would  be watching with Dad.

  5. Good job! Just a suggestion…I have found that it is easier to use a ferro rod by holding the edge steady and pulling the ferro rod back against it. That seams to direct the spark on the fuel better.

  6. looks easy enough to make. melt some bees wax, maybe with added pine resin, soak some viscose cotton, and tightly pack it into a tine while it's still hot, so you can squeeze out exess wax