8 thoughts to Survival Gear For Men Buy In Store Nearby At 16:39

  1. This guy should invest in a good treadmill before spending his money on all this tactical shit. I doubt he could move that far without the risk of a stroke with this stuff

  2. Why green tip? There is more effective 5,56 ammo.
    Also why no med supplies & communication (let it be a cheap prepaid phone, you never know). Maybe a mirror.
    What do you think of the rhodesian way of using tracers mixed with normal ammo?
    Not meant in a bad way. I often learn things from your videos or at least i´m entertained.

  3. Hey Rick. I just bought one of those and it is pretty cool. I am thinking of having G21 mags with it. What is that holster called and do they have one that fits G21? I know you shoot one of those. I know there are fakes of military holsters on the net. Also, what knife is that?

  4. Rick, thanks for replying about the knife but I was also interested in the holster. Does it have a name or a specific place I can buy it? I plan to use a Glock 21.

  5. Hey, just a heads up. I have actually went prone with this and shot effectively. I have this exact vest, it's a condor recon. It's built better than anything else I've seen, not to mention the price is phenomenal. I have my fully loaded and yes it is slightly front heavy, for a girl maybe. Lol. But if your getting in a car, you'll want a flat back. When your out of your car, you'll have a pack on most likely…which off sets the weight. All in all, amazing vest from condor.