Survival Gear For Men Where Can I Order

all right we’re out here at the
worst-case-scenario survival school
we’re out here with Randy Wurst, Randy
“Rawhide” Wurst and Randy’s the real deal
he’s one of four guys that actually
built the classified survival manual for
SOCOM and he’s going to show us how to
layer your survival gear all the way
from your vehicle all the way down to
what you would actually carry on your
own on your own person Randy won’t you
show us what you got Randy: all right inside
the vehicle is survival gear that that
you must keep inside your vehicle this
when you lay it out you’re going to be
pretty impressed of how much gear I have
here before I came into military just
real fast I did eight years of the
farm in four years craft rescue and then
I was a deputy sheriff and I was on a
SWAT team then I came into the military
and came into Special Forces when I
combined all that training together what
I figured out was 90% of all your
emergency situations will be based
around your vehicle whether you wreck or
you come across another wreck so you
start with equipment that you’re going
to have in your vehicle to deal with
that on the other side and the inside
when I lay it out before I pull all this
out you’re going to see what’s in the
inside of your vehicle basically goes
like this I’m not going to tear
everything apart all your medical gear
has to be on the inside your food of
water has to be inside your signalling
communication gear it has to be in the
inside of the vehicle with you and gear
to keep you warm like blankets sleeping
bags heavy coach you’ll see a reflective
code in there that equipment whatever
vehicle has to be in the inside so if
you’re trapped and you can’t get out you
have access to it the rest of this means
I’m physically able or Karl or Mike
behind you can get to it and do other
work with it but the other gear that
your you’ll see that we’re going to pull
the tailgate down that stays inside your
vehicle the rest will pull out can come
from a locked toolbox like this
Karl: all right Randy so this is all the stuff we just
pulled out from behind the seats now a
lot of gear but this could if you pieced
it out it would fit under the seats and
around the seats are just about any
vehicle Randy: yeah it it is quite a bit but
there’s a reason for it real quickly I’m
not going to tear this stuff apart for
you guys this is complete trauma stuff
everything for trauma maximum wounds
compound fractures all that and this bag
that you have over here what you have
there’s my wool blanket there’s a
signaling device here that’s on my bag
so if I had to leave my bag and turn it
on and mark it your red thing that’s a
Bic lighter there’s a flashlight
that’s a Swiss seat rope that I can make
out of that right and there’s carabiners
there inside is food and water and the
little gas stoves in which to cook it so
it in an emergency and rather me trying
to build a fire I immediately can have
something I picked that technique up
because my wife was one of them was
stuck on Interstate 65 and she got out
of there but instead of trying to gather
wood and build a fire if I would have
had something ready for so that’s what’s
in the inside there’s my food my water
more medical gear now this is we’re
trying to be found so I have this
reflective vest and what you want to do
with your emergency clothes is have it
larger than what you wear a smaller
person can always get into a larger
clothes but a larger person can’t always
get into smaller clothes so make them
extra big just in case okay and you’ll
see that with the bib overalls those
insulated the only thing; oh your bottle
let me go- always have this
collapsible a water bottle that wanted
to get and I didn’t get in time I like
them a lot they collapse take top off
the claps down about this big but if you
need to heat things up always got to
have stainless steel not aluminum you
don’t have any of that gas coming off
stainless steel bottles this doesn’t
look like much but this is one of those
thermal pads especially if you’re
injured or hurt I don’t help retain body
heat you can put somebody on or yourself
that’s inside and when you’re hunting it
helps out there now here Karl and I both
retired out of fifth group we all both
have around 25 years so it’s important
gear in here based off necessity and
because of our injuries we get from just
being retired from Special Forces always
have leather gloves or here in my
pockets there another set is here
anytime you need to work on doing stuff
you need to protect your hands and your
the rule of thumb is if you damage your
feet or your hands approximately it’s no
guarantee and it’s not precise that’s
from 50% of your capabilities are gone
leather pure leather can protect your
hands better than anything else you can
have other gloves to keep you warm but
you need full leather gloves Karl and I
because we did our whole career in Halo
don’t have any knees left that one you
see my hunting pack no matter what I
have I put my knee pad in there Karl: got mine right here
Randy: yeah he’s got I don’t have pants
like that always do they go in there and
because of back injuries of taking
parachutes and driving them in the
ground this is a support for the back
especially because we’re talking about a
vehicle in emergency situations we may
will more likely be working in with
trying to rescue somebody else so we
need to take care of ourselves so we’re
not being injured ourselves

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Survival Gear For Men Where Can I Order

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  1. Great information in this video. Storing a lot of these items in my vehicle is difficult living in Las Vegas. The temperature in my vehicle reaches 140 plus degrees in the summer. It tends to destroy almost everything I store inside. Very frustrating. Thank you for your time.

  2. Makes a video about what gear you need. Refuses to take everything out to show you what gear you need.