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  1. i have a sleep/shelter system that is 3.5 lbs of sleep/shelter gear and 1.5 lbs of clothing (beyond cammies, bush hat, socks, shoes, t shirt, and boxers) that can handle moving at 0F, sleep without a fire at 20F, sleep with a fire, at least 2 hours at a time, at -20F. It includes bugnet bags, a hammock, a way to go to ground if there's no hang for the hammock.The bags all feature full zippers, so that they can be laid flat like tarps or worn as ponchos, too. All of this gear is useful in hot weather and it's not effected by its getting wet. Without a compression sack, it's no wider than a couple of gallon cans are tall (when they are stacked) and my system is considerably smaller in OD. than a gallon can, too. I just fold and spindle it, wedge it between the fannypack and day pack,and lash it in place. There, it does the same thing that a pack frame does. It does more than 9 lbs of MSS, hammock, bugnet and poncho can do, (minus the 6 lb winter sleeping bag)