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  1. Biolite is a great product still running after 4 years of many hours of use each year. Add a EZKut pruner to the mix and you have a hand held pruner that makes making fuel for this stove a breeze. I just drag up a couple of limbs where I sit next to the campfire and cut up enough fuel to last me on my stay. These ratcheting EZ Kut pruners are light and come with alifetime warrenty. I have given out 4 sets to others that have bought the biolite stove after seeing it in action on our Royal Ranger camping trips. Winter months I bring the biolite. Summer months the lighter gas stoves are cooler.

  2. Never heard of the vital stove, it looks a little out dated. but both seem to do the job. thanks for the vid and info.

  3. Good video, except for not having the adapter ring for the Biolite which lets small cups and pots sit just fine on it. Good job!

  4. I liked the real world testing method here where twigs were used to test the stoves, though I personally think that throwing that much fat wood into either stove just shows a lack of fire making skills. The first thing i did when i bought the vital stove was to throw the dampener away, it really needed to be open in this video in order to work, the dampener was closed for the whole demonstration which left the stove wheezing for air. I tend to toss just a perfect cube of the brick starter into the bottom of the vital stove and then some tinder on top and count to 20 and flick the stove on full blast with no dampener when boiling water. The other thing was that you also really should have done roughly the same thing to the Biolite since running half speed really doesn't help for a fast high powered burn. The new biolite is 50 % better than the one you were using which by the way turned itself off due to it's battery being depleted, but in all fairness the Biolite 2 would have built a charge faster. In saying that, it should be noted that the Biolite 2 does generate power from the fire at 3 watts per hour, which simply means that under favorable conditions it would take 4 hours to charge your cell phone from a dead battery, but realistically more like 6 hours . In my opinion the Biolite does have a huge edge in that the Vital stove is as the author says, just a paper weight if you run out of batteries. Though, A solar powered battery charger which weighs 6 ounces might equal the playing field but it really should be at least a 10 watt unit in order to charge other items too. Space and weight consumption between these two stoves then becomes more equal though the fire box size in the Biolite looks better. Just a note, both of these stoves actually have an interesting advantage over other wood burners in that you can burn slightly damp wood in either since they do force a lot of air into the fire box which creates a far better burn than a naturally aspirated stove. And if you've read this far then there must be something good here and it's this. Learn how to make a rocket stove out of the rocks around you. It might take ten minutes but you would save 2 pounds of pack weight and could also create a stove that would be built to suit whatever fire needs you would want at that particular point which could include a main large stone to deflect the fire towards you or maybe a hole that was perfectly sized for your pot of water. Though building a good one quickly is another skill set that would need to be acquired.