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Amazon has its own, um,
demand side advertising platform called
sponsored product ads. And it also has,
uh, a,
an Amazon assisted side of advertising
tool called Amazon marketing services.
And that to me is where Facebook ads were
before anybody knew about them.
It’s where ad words was before
anybody knew about ad words,
this is a giant opportunity,
And I want to talk about
how you can use it.
So these sponsored product ads and AMS,
you can increase traffic to your profit,
to your product listings, which
increases sales, which increases sales,
velocity, how fast you’re selling ties,
traffic and conversions to targeted
keywords. That’s really important,
really important because you can control
what’s coming up on Amazon for what
search items,
by driving traffic and getting conversions
on specific keywords that you want to
pick. It improves your
BSR, your bestseller rank.
It increases organic
visibility and organic sales.
And here’s what it looks like.
You’ve got seven out of 10 shoppers
only purchased from the first page.
It’s kind of like Google, right?
Where nobody really goes past
the first page on Amazon.
Only 30% of the total people who are
looking for a product will go past
the first page of results. So it’s
really important to be there. Now.
Sponsored product ads allow
you to have new or low ranking
or low reviewed items appear where the
competition already is. So if the
competition already owns the spot,
this is kind of a way to jump
the queue and get around that.
And there’s three types of these
ads. There are headline search ads,
sponsored products and product display
ads. And I did a chart for you.
I’m not going to spend a whole lot of
time on it right now to tell you about all
of the different characteristics of this,
but I’m going to direct your attention
to the grade outline because I think this
is important is Amazon headline search top
of funnel, Amazon sponsored products,
middle of funnel and Amazon product
display ads, bottom of funnels.
when you create your ads,
you want to think about
where in the buyer’s journey,
where in the buyer’s journey
are the people who are
going to be looking at them.
And one thing that a lot of people that
I’ve talked to don’t even realize is
that now Amazon offers you the ability
to create your own landing pages on
So you can run a product display
ad and send somebody directly to
a landing page that you’ve designed,
or you use one of their templates
that doesn’t have all of that other
competition on Amazon.
You never have to take them out
and the conversions are crazy.
So here’s the way it works.
These headline search ads are ads that
appear at the top of the search results.
When somebody searches on Amazon,
the, and that’s for awareness stage,
when somebody’s just looking a,
the consideration stage when somebody
has kind of looking at a bunch of
different products and trying to figure
out what they want, you’re going to run,
sponsored product ads. And then
when they’re down to the decision,
you’re going to run a product
display ad, a product display ad,
which then you can take
straight to the landing page.
The keywords work very similar to
the Google’s broad phrase and exact,
and you have the ability to
target two different ways.
You can do automatic targeting,
which is where Amazon targets for
you and identifies keywords for you.
And then you can do manual
targeting and the way to work,
this is use automated targeting to
identify keywords initially.
And then when this is down here and when
the keywords get identified by Amazon,
you take them and put them into
the manual, the manual selection,
and then you put a negative keyword
for that keyword in the automated one.
And the reason that you’re going to do
that is Amazon will say, Oh, okay, well,
it’s, it’s tactical pen. So tactical pen
is a keyword, and we’re going to say,
great, that’s an automatic
key automated keyword.
We’re going to put that now in the manual.
And we’re going to put negative
tactical pen in the automated.
So now Amazon’s going to go
tactical pen. Oh wait, no,
they said not that now
here’s our next best one.
So you’re effectively getting
Amazon to give you their data,
which they will not give you voluntarily
and give you every single keyword that
they think applies to your ad in the
order that they think of importance and
relevance that they are based
on all of their data points.
That’s a big deal.
And your goal is to do that until you
don’t have any more keywords until Amazon
says, Hey, we’ve got nothing.
Now you’re in your manual.
You can run your tests and see what’s
performing best and what’s not.
Um, the auto ones allow you to quantify
the exposure and optimize the listing by
checking, click through rates
and sale rate by keyword.
That’s the important part. It’s like
getting the, not provided from ad words.
And if you see your customers
searching for a particular product, uh,
and it’s getting a whole
lot of impressions,
then you want to include it in your
product, title, your description,
your backend keywords, and your bullets.
You can do all this manually,
or you can use a tool.
I do not have any interest
in this company. Uh,
although I’m Lanny coats
who owns it is a good guy.
And I think he has built an amazing
tool. It’s called helium 10.
And it basically automates all that.
I’m sure there are other things too.
This is what, what I use, but here’s
what it does. So you basically tell it,
select all the keywords that are
relevant to your product. This is under,
it’s a software suite. This is called
magnet. So I clicked for tactical pen.
All the things that I think are close,
and then it goes out and tells
me all the information from it.
It’s a database of Amazon
transactions tells me all the
keywords that matter.
And then we’ll import them into
a thing called Frankenstein,
which allows you to remove duplicates,
maintain phrases, protect numbers,
remove common words, et cetera, et
cetera, and have this whole list.
You can see I’ve got total characters at
4,157 and total words keywords in this
case of 719.
I know that based on the
recent changes in Amazons,
what they’ll allow you to have in backend
keywords, I only get 250 characters.
This is a way to go. And
then go to the next thing,
which is called scribbles that has
title and description, description,
backend keywords, and bullet points,
and gradually pick out of here,
what I want. And as I pick it, as
I start moving keywords over here,
they disappear from here.
So I can go through until
I end up with basically no
keywords. So as I designed my Hoffman
Richter, tactical pen, glass breaker,
self-defense survival gear. All those
keywords are disappearing from here.
And I can see everywhere that I need
them in here and then push it out to my
listing really, really powerful.
And then it will track them.
So you can optimize for conversion and
click through, uh, don’t. You will be,
you will be given the option to
optimize for average cost of sales.
Don’t choose that. Um,
that’s a good guide,
but you really want to know what’s
converting and clicking through.
If you’ve got low CTR or conversion,
then start changing and testing your
pricing, your listing, your images,
that sort of thing. Uh, they will
improve over time, your organic listings,
because they will drive these
paid ads will drive sales,
which Amazon cares most about. Right. Um,
I mentioned running the auto campaign,
run the manual with the auto
identified keywords. Um,
and then just continue until
there aren’t any keywords left.
That is to me, if I’m an agent
or I have the product on Amazon,
that’s just the most
powerful thing in the world.
And so few people are doing
it. It’s still in its infancy.
So huge opportunities.

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