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  1. I can make rope by brading grass and then tying the ends together I've made one that held 50

  2. It's cool how you Americans have freedom. I wonder what it's like to not get arrested for intimidating bypassers by fixing your fence with a hammer or teaching a dog an edgy salute.

  3. Wasn’t that like 9 things?
    1 Camp pot/lid
    2 Titanium cup
    3 Axe
    4 Cordage
    5 Compass
    6 Folding saw
    7 Knife
    8 fire steel
    9 Canteen

    Loose the cook pot/ cup/tea and you are down to seven. Your metal canteen can be used to boil water and you could find yourself a wild substitute for tea. Maybe some new pine leave shoots.

  4. the british thing did not age well, given the state of the country and it's culture nowadays…

  5. If your an Anglophile stop watching the BBC, The BBC hates English people and they covered up for Jimmy Saville for decades, in England the BBC is seen as a national disgrace and is hated.

  6. I do admit hardly any brits drink coffee loads of family’s grow tea in the uk