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prepping or hoarding hoarder or prepper what’s the difference
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper when does prepping become hoarding when you have stored
things long past their usefulness and
they aren’t any good anymore for example I
have all of these little packages of
toothpaste they’re all dried up even
though I have them stored in a cool dry
place in an airtight container these toothpaste tubes
things just have a shelf life and
they’re not going to last forever if you
have tons and tons of things supplies stockpile that you’ve gotten from I don’t know extreme
couponing or overzealous stockpiling prepping make sure that you are being reasonable
and that you’re only including things
that really can last a long long time
all kinds of products that are liquid
just have a shelf life and they’re going
to expire because they’re going to dry
up or just not be safe to use anymore
here’s another example of where you’re
prepping supplies becomes a hoard
maybe you’ve picked up flashlights like
this one I picked up in the airport in
Atlanta I was on a vacation didn’t have a flashlight and this one was nice because you
could pump it up only it doesn’t work
anymore so now it’s clutter check the
supplies that you’ve bought along the
way and if any of them are no longer
suitable get rid of them replace your gear and flashlights with something that’s substantial better quality and is
going to last don’t wait for an
emergency to find out that your
flashlight has corroded batteries and
isn’t useful anymore or that you bought
one that wasn’t substantial in the first
place and it just isn’t going to work
take an inventory clear those things out
and replace them with sturdy gear that’s
going to last and make sure that you
check your supplies regularly that your prepping prepper supplies
they’re still useful and working maybe
you’ve gathered a collection of little
items to make some small emergency Altoid bug out bag type emergency kits but you never
put them together so all you end up
having is a box of clutter spend a few
minutes sort a few things out put some small emergency kits bug out kits
something together and then make a note
of any missing components then set a goal to get those
missing items put them in your Altoids
kit and then put your little emergency
kits in places that are going to be
useful for you did you ever buy a few
random prepping items but you still
don’t know how to use them get them out
and figure out how to use them so
they’re useful to you otherwise they’re
just clutter make sure that you’re
prepping is things that are useful and
that you’re rotating them and using them
up while they’re still useful to you
otherwise it’s a form of hoarding we
don’t have room for that in our lives we
want the things that we really can use
so we have the things we need no matter
what comes our way would you want to go to your cabinet in an emergency and the
last tube of toothpaste that could be
had is all dried up and no good I don’t
think so so pay attention to the prepping prepper emergency supplies stockpile
products that you’re storing and make
sure you’re using them before their
useful lifespan expires
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  1. I have also heard other preppers say do not store anything you would not use. I think they were talking about food. BUT we could also say this about flash lights and remember if you are storing flash lights lanterns (batter operated) to take the batteries out of them before you store them ( that reminds us me I have to check my batter operated fans and flash lights)

  2. A question? If you put the tooth paste and the like in ziplock bags or mylar bags and then in your containers with oxygen absorbers would they last longer? I had, not tooth paste, but hand wipes and Input them unopened in a small zip loc bag and then both of them in a larger ziploc bag and stored them in my car for about 2 to4 months before I used them and they were as good as I put them in there. I didnt use them again for another six months and I could not tell any difference In loss of moisture

  3. Instead of storing toothpaste, store baking soda and proxide. Myself and my daughter have used a pasted made of baking soda and proxide all our lives. She was a smoker for over 20 years and her teeth were really white when she smoked.
    The use of this kills germs in your mouth and leaves your breath sweet and fresh. And one of the best things about using this you can eat and drink right after you brush and you won't have that horrible aftertaste tooth paste makes your food taste like.
    Never store any batteries in any battery operated devised. Store several empty flashlights. Then store batteries in zip lock baggies in plastic containers near your stored flashlights.
    For example I buy AA batteries in 8 packs. I store the 8 pack in a zip lock baggy. Then I store the bagged batteries in a plastic container. That way if one ruptures it doesn't contaminated the whole container. Today's batteries have a shelf life of 5 years or more. Hand cranked flashlights work great. I have a few that are 30 years old and still work great.
    This might help others as well. I keep record of what all I have in a ring binder divided off in sections. For example: A section for all the canned meats I have stored. A section for all the canned vegetables, a section for all dry foods, a section for all one can meals like chili, stew and so forth, a section for paper products, a section for hygiene products, a section for over the counter medication. I have a section for anything I store.
    I keep track of it all using a hash mark system instead of numbers. Once I get at least 20 of one item I erase the hash marks and enter 20 then continue with the hash marks. I use pencil so I can add or subtract from my totals.
    Another thing that might help others. In my binder for canned meats listed every thing I have on page one. Then I start with the very first can meat listed. On a separate sheet of paper I make a heading naming that item.
    Under the heading I start listing every dish I can think of that this item can be used to make. I continued to do this page after page until I have listed every item list on the canned meat list. Then I move to the next section and repeat the procedure. Once I have all my food item stored and listed this way. I start the next section.
    In this section I take those list and design a menu. Example: One can of tamales, one can of refried beans, one package of Spanish rice. An onion, peppers and freeze dried cheddar cheese. In doing this if something does really bad happens I have everything figured out before hand. You will be is stress and this will help you deal with every day life in a survival mode.
    I can currently use my menu for 2 and half months without eating the same thing twice, this also will stop food fatigue. So many prepared focus on beans, rice and pasta if you had to eat that day after day you would soon get sick and not even want to face another day of eating those.
    I spent 20 years doing accounting and this systems is simple enough and would works well for everyone. I hope this might help some one.
    Thanks for sharing and giving us subscribers a forum to share with others.

  4. Thank you once again. We go thru and check things a minimum of once a year and if a hurricane is headed our way we start checking things especially flashlights and batteries.
    It is very easy to forget to check things that aren’t necessarily in sight all the time.
    God bless.