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best lighter for preppers
why stockpile lighters
prepper must haves
hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you’re like me and
you’ve never smoked a lighter is not
something I’m familiar with using I find
them difficult to light it’s not
intuitive to me how it works
I’ve never had reason to use them and so
the mechanism on them is difficult for
me to manipulate and I don’t want to be
an emergency situation and I need to
start a fire light a candle do something
like that and I can’t quite get a
lighter to light I was pleased when I
went to Circle K mini mart convenience store to find these lighters windproof lighters
that have just a push button on them
I’ve always seen the ones that have the
rolling ring I can’t light them effectively
but the lighters with a push button from Circle K mini marts convenience store you just have a little push
button from Circle K mini mart convenience store has a great little
clicking button to light the lighter best lighter for preppers or anyone who needs to start a fire light a candle needs to use a match that all anyone should
be able to use the easiest lighter to light if you’re looking for a
lighter that would be great to have in
your Preps your Bug Out Bag camping gear emergency supplies any place
that you need to start a little bit of
fire is a great place to stockpile lighters
look for these lighters with the push-button top
stock up on lighters
so you’re ready for whatever comes your way
why stockpile lighters best lighter for preppers
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Survival Gear Free Purchase Online

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  1. i thought every prepper should know how to use flint and metal , or al least firerod…. espescially in alaska!!! like your work alaska granny!!! respect.

  2. Bic automatic has a just push button too.. The very best way to light all things are like butane torch lighters.. they have a push button and are windproof with a very very hot flame.. I got one from flame classics the butane company and it works great.. There are some crappy ones on the market but so are many regular flame lighters out there. Much Love and respect AlaskaGranny

  3. Lol this is not a prepping lighter.. no different than ordinary lighter. A regular striking BIC is actually much more versatile than the light shown. The flint spark can actually be used to light another light whose flint is damaged but still has fuel (ex. when wet) whereas the lighter you show could not be used for this purpose. You can also slowly drag the flint wheel several times then turn the lighter upside down and tap it in the palm of your hand and ground magnesium will fall out.. it is ignitable and can be used to help start your tinder. You can also remove the metal strip which functions as child proofing easily with a key or a knife.