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  1. Когда вы сделаете полный обзор на нож gerber strong arm?

  2. I'm so confused at what knife to purchase for my first. I'm getting into this whole bushcraft. Eventually seeing I'll go with a three knife system, one being an Estwing Hatchet. What knife? I've really like the strong arm but I see others saying soso stuff but it looks like it comes with a great sheath. Does it throw a good strike. I cannot bring myself to do any beargrills stuff as nice as that might be. Ive looked at the Mora companion but I don't want to have to buy an aftermarket sheath or have to grand the spine down to throw a spark. I've considered some the Cold Steal Tanto. Looking hopefully to stay in the below $50 area. Aughhh! I hate starting something new, to many decisions.

  3. Hi.I'm from germany and i realy love your canal.I've bougt this knive 2 day later and it's very nice

  4. I'm absolutely in love with this knife>>>allabout.wiki/u7fb I need the filet one next! The grip is comfortable, and it's both great for cutting big filets apart, as well as fishing bait.

  5. I own this knife and love it. One thing that they always fail to mention is the fact that the sheaf design is ambidextrous. Knife will fit into it either way, left for left, right for right.