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  1. Which light allows you to stay at high mode indefinitely? I don't want the light to go out of turbo mode in 6 minutes. Does the thrunite stay at high mode?

  2. Hey everybody, so I'm new to all these companies like Fenix and Nitecore… though they've been around for a while, I've been exclusively a Surefire believer after having so many other lights fail…I'm considering this light for an EDC option as my surefire 6px doesn't exactly lend itself to pocket carry with a larger diameter head and no pocket clip…can anybody tell me if these lights are even on the same planet as surefire reliability? I want something carryable, but bulletproof…any help would be awesome

  3. I like the fact that the on/off switch is separate from the mode button. To bad strobe isnt on the memory.