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SHTF prepping supplies what to stockpile most important prepping emergency survival supplies items for preppers to store prepping your house to bug in bug out location must have needs
hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper have you ever
wondered what you should really
stockpile for an shtf situation or
stockpiling an off-grid bug-out location
sensible prepper begin with a nice stockpile of food and
water then look at your own needs and
make an analysis what would you miss
most if you could never get it again
that’s the greatest place to start
stockpiling for SHTF emergency survival prepping must have needs items are you concerned with the
power outage stockpile lighters candles
matches are you concerned with hygiene
stockpile some soap toilet paper
toothpaste and toothbrushes feminine
hygiene products cleaners bleach vinegar
trash bags think about medicine
would you miss painkillers rash ointment
allergy pills cough syrups what about
some basic tools and basic household
items like scissors sewing kits can
openers gloves ones they keep you warm
and ones that help keep you safe and
don’t forget clean socks and underwear
do you have a baby in the house then
maybe you need to emergency stockpile some baby
supplies one important item in my list
is a portable toilet think about vices in SHTF
ones that affect you or those that you
plan to be with cigarettes alcohol
chocolate coffee stockpile the things
that you would miss most because those
are the things that are most important
to you if you could never get them those things items again
are you okay with that or would you be
saying darn it I should have gotten some
more of that that’s how you know what
you really want to have then whether we
have an end of the world apocalypse SHTF long term emergency survival situation as we know it
an apocalyptic event something with shtf
or a snowstorm and you just don’t want
to go to the store you’ll probably then
have the supplies that you would want in
any kind of a emergency situation
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Survival Gear Gardena Best Brand To Buy

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  1. Hmmmm…….first time I've seen stockpiling for vices. (not that I have any……..)

  2. I am glad that my home have all of those items and more and they are replaced regularly since we are in an area where the electricity is lost on average of once a month, and sometimes it stays off for about half a day.

  3. In a shtf scenario one of the most serious threats will be snipers. No, I'm not talking about military trained snipers I'm talking about a hunter with a scoped deer rifle in camo gear like the guy who lives next door, down the street or a few blocks away. Many will think it easier to take a peppers stash than to create their own preps. Learn about sniping and how to counteract the threat. It will be one of the most important things you can learn to protect your family and preps.

  4. It’s not what you want it’s what you need to survive most of what she said was unnecessary