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  1. I kind of grimace everytime I throw my dryer lint away because I know how good it it for fire starter. I can only save so much, though. Works great, even without vasoline, doesn't it. Good demo, partner. Thanks.

  2. It is also called Old Mans Beard. Primarily grows on the south west facing area of tree.

  3. It's called beard moss here. If you want your lint to work way better, dip it in wax. It makes a 30 second burn time a 10 minute burn time. The wax also makes it waterproof. I steal wax out of my wife's candle making stuff but anything will do. Ruff the wax/lint up with your knife and it take a spark really well.

  4. A forest ranger told me to bring dryer lint on my 2016 backcountry trip. It rained for days and I needed a fire. The dryer lint worked like a charm. It now has a permanent place in my backpacking kit.